D111 – Technology of food products

The purpose of EP 8D07201 “Technology of food products” (PhD - Doctor of Philosophy): Preparation of scientific, scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel of higher qualification, able to participate in applied research in the field of food production and organize the educational process at the University

Uses technologies of scientific and professional communication related to analytical textual activity, critical assessment of information and the use of digital technologies.
Demonstrates a holistic system of scientific knowledge about the world around, about the values of life, culture, about trends in the development of technology and technology in the food industry
Makes judgments about modern trends and patterns of development of domestic and world science in the field of technology and technology of food production
Applies scientific knowledge and professional skills in the implementation of the tasks of innovative educational policy
conducts comprehensive scientific research in the field of professional activity based on deep theoretical and specialized knowledge
assesses the socio-economic consequences of new phenomena in science, technology and technology of the professional sphere
interprets the results of his own original research in solving urgent scientific and practical problems
offers scientifically grounded new innovative solutions in the field of technology and technology of food production, increasing production efficiency