D111 – Safety of non-food goods and products

Purpose of SP: Preparation of highly educated, fundamentally prepared, creative, competitive and well adapted to the ever-changing conditions of scientific and pedagogical personnel in the field of safety of goods and products of textile and light industry, as well as other non-food products

Understands modern trends and patterns of development of domestic science in the context of globalization and internationalization

Analyzes and generates new knowledge, methods of analysis and assessment of safety of textile materials and non-food products

Able to analyze the results of certification tests of textile materials and non-food products, develops recommendations to improve the methods of research of safety of non-food products and products

Critical analysis of safety indicators of objects of activity (raw materials, yarn, fabric, knitted fabrics and products, nonwovens, etc.) using methods and means of research

Demonstrates a reasoned presentation of one’s own point of view in the management of scientific research and teams for solving problems of the professional sphere of activity

Demonstrates the ability to independently learn new methods of research, to change the scientific and scientific-industrial profile of their professional activities

Applies deep specialized professional theoretical knowledge for scientific research on the assessment of quality and safety of non-food products and products

Analyzes and applies the most reasonable innovative solutions to improve the safety of non-food products and products

Able to write scientific texts, be able to structure, format, choose the style and language of description