М111 – Technology of food products

Purpose of SP: Training of personnel with a high level of professional culture, capable of solving modern scientific and practical problems in the field of food production, teaching at universities, specialized colleges, and carrying out management activities at food industry enterprises.

Demonstrates developing knowledge of the scientific worldview system, history and philosophy of science

Applies knowledge of the methodology and methods of experimental research in scientific activity and to create quality food products

Applies knowledge of the methodological foundations of higher education pedagogy, professional education in educational activities

Leads a team, tolerant perceiving social, ethnic, religious and cultural differences

Capable of written and oral professional communication in one of the foreign languages

Interprets research data to solve scientific and practical problems

Manages production processes based on the assessment of the enterprise

Develops innovative technologies for the production of food products and catering

Organizes  food production control and quality management through the use of quality assurance systems

Clearly communicates information, ideas, conclusions, problems and solutions to both specialists and non-specialists

Purpose of SP: Training of personnel with a high level of professional culture, capable of solving practical problems of food production and managing the activities of various food industry enterprises

Uses modern methods and technologies of scientific and professional communication in a foreign language in the field of professional activity

Applies knowledge of psychology in solving managerial problems and in planning professional and personal development

Demonstrates a desire for continuous personal development and professional development

Organizes production control and quality management in accordance with regulatory documents

Conducts experimental research to solve applied problems in the food industry

Participates in the development of innovative food technologies based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience

Delivers the judgment based on the collection and interpretation of information, taking into account ethical and social responsibility and ethics of their use

Communicates information, ideas, findings, problems and solutions clearly and is available with the use of professional terminology in the field of food industry