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Professional practice

The professional practice of students is an important part of the training of highly qualified specialists, conducted in organizations with further employment.

The partner enterprises of the faculty in the professional training of personnel for the food and processing industry are: “Shin-Line” LLP, “StellaAlpina” LLP, “Adal” LLP, “Smak” LLP, “Craft cheese” LLP, “Becker & K” LLP, “Pervomaisky delicacies” LLP, “Bijan” LLP, restaurant chain “Dastarkhan” LLP, “Assorted” LLP, “KHBK” LLPAksai-nan”, KHBC “Almaty nan” LLP, Talgar-Alcohol LLP, Carlsberg Kazakhstan LLP, Issyk Winery JSC, Efes Brewing Company JSC, Kazecology Republican Research, Production and Information Center LLP, Standardization and Certification Centers, etc.

Representatives of industrial enterprises participate in the final certification of graduates, give lectures, are the heads of theses.

At the educational and scientific base of the faculty there are: educational and scientific bread center; educational and scientific center for meat processing; educational restaurant, educational center for fermentation products, for processing milk and dairy products, laboratory of canning technology and laboratory of technology for the production of animal products, etc., where practical skills are instilled in the production of certain products.

Students of the Faculty of professional practice at the LLP "BAY ARMA TURIZM INS. GIDA SAN. Ve TIC.LTD.SIT" (Turkey)