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Scientific activity

The Faculty of Food Technologies conducts a large amount of research work. Students, undergraduates, doctoral students and scientists of the faculty take an active part in conducting research. Participation in research allows deeper mastering of the main disciplines, scientific directions and a better understanding of its prospects.

The main priority scientific directions of the faculty are:

  • Creation of an assortment of bakery and pasta products for therapeutic and preventive purposes
  • Biotechnology of resource-saving meat and dairy products for functional purposes
  • Bioconversion of agricultural raw materials, processing and disposal of agricultural waste into food and feed products
  • Creation of waste-free environmentally friendly “cold” food technology of a new generation
  • Environmentally safe and economically feasible technologies for wastewater treatment of food and light industry enterprises from organic pollutants and biogenic elements

The staff and students of the faculty annually take part in various international and republican scientific and practical conferences, Olympiads, competitions, where they take prizes.

Scientific achievements of teaching staff and students of the faculty

The faculty has student scientific circles: “Dairy paradise”, “Young farmer”, “Meat Oscar”, “Baker”, “Altyn dan”, “Biotechnologist”.

According to the results of the work of the circles , the following awards were received: