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Department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”

Head of Department – Tukenova Kapiza Tukenovna
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor

Phone:8 (727) 276-97-06 (ext. 108)

During its long history the Department was headed in different years by eminent teachers and scientists: associate Professor Omarov S. O., associate Professor Umirzakova L. A.,doctor of philosophy Sciences, Professor Sagadiyev N. D., candidate of philosophy Sciences, associate Professor A. K. Zakiryanov.

Currently the Department is headed candidate of pedagogical Sciences, acting assistant Professor Tukenova Kapiza Tukenovna. The Department of Vocational training and social Sciences provides training of highly qualified personnel.

The department trains undergraduate and graduate students of all specialties. Teaching is conducted in the state and Russian languages. Currently, the department employs 18 teachers.

The Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines trains highly qualified specialists.

Basic training courses


– Modern History of Kazakhstan
– Philosophy
– Sociology and Political Science
– Psychology and cultural studies
– Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption Culture
– Module of economic, legal and environmental knowledge(Fundamentals of Economics,  Entrepreneurship and Law, Ecology and Life Safety)


– History and philosophy of science
– Psychology of management
– Higher education pedagogy

The mission of the department is the formation of a socially active personality with a humanistic worldview, high political consciousness and culture, fostering a sense of patriotism, developing elements of critical thinking, personal and professional culture among students.

Objectives of the department: Training of highly qualified, competitive specialists based on the achievements of modern science and practice, through continuous improvement of competence and development of creative initiative.

To give objective historical knowledge about the main stages of the history of modern Kazakhstan, to bring to the consciousness of students the essence of the fundamental problems of history, to teach them scientific methods of historical knowledge, to form their scientific worldview and civic position.

Teach students to analyze philosophical, political, social and cultural phenomena and processes in the state and society. To promote the correct and competent use by students of the knowledge gained in the professional field.

Tasks of the department

– development of the content and methods of teaching humanitarian and social disciplines;
– preparation and implementation of innovative educational programs;
– maximum use of the creative potential of the teaching staff;
– using the capabilities of the department in the process of forming professional competencies;

 Functions of the department:

– Conducting all types of training sessions on the forms of education;
– Holding meetings to discuss the planned and current issues of educational, methodological, scientific work of the department.