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Department of «Automation and Robotics»

Head of Department – Uderbaeva Asemgul Yerkinbekovna


8 (727) 393-71-33 (ext. 155)


The Department of «Automation and robotics» was established in 2020 at the «Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology».

Since 2020, the department has been headed by associate professor, PhD doctor Uderbaeva Asemgul Yerkinbekovna.

The Department of «Automation and robotics» trains highly qualified specialists with theoretical and practical skills at the university in the specialties 6B07103/7M07103 «Automation and control», 6B07104 «Robots and robotic systems».

The work of the department is aimed at theoretical and practical training of bachelors and masters with skills and professional knowledge in general technical disciplines in accordance with the requirements of the standards of higher professional education in the educational group Electrical Engineering and automation engineering and processing areas.

Teaching staff of the department annually take part in Republican scientific and practical conferences of the teaching staff held in ATU and abroad. Teachers of the department have publications in peer-reviewed journals. Students of the department’s specialties also take an active part in research within the framework of the student scientific society of the department, the results of their research are published in reports at the ATU student conference and abroad.

Courses of the world’s leading companies have been introduced into the educational process of training specialists: KUKA, Festo, ARIES, Simens

Classes are conducted using new multimedia technologies. The classrooms are equipped with robotics and robotic systems, modern automation tools and computer equipment.

The teachers of the department constantly carry out career guidance work in schools and colleges. The department holds open days in the specialties of the department. The distribution of young specialists and the employment of graduates of the department is carried out annually.

Educational and methodical work

The educational and methodological work of the department is organized in the following areas: providing the educational process with educational and methodological complexes, the release of teaching aids, advanced training of teaching staff, independent work of students, attendance of classes by teachers, conducting open classes. On the basis of the plan of educational and methodical work of the teaching staff department compiled for the new academic year, they develop a teaching staff for the disciplines to be read.

In accordance with the plans for the UMR, the following are being developed:

— working curricula for full-time and part-time departments;

— list of disciplines of the department;

— working training programs in the disciplines to be read (based on standard programs of disciplines);

— research and production practice programs;

— banks of test and examination questions on disciplines;

— lists of topics of course and diploma projects;

— methodological guidelines for practical classes;

— methodological guidelines for performing laboratory work;

— methodological guidelines for the implementation of course and diploma projects.