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Department of «Tourism and service»

Head of the Department – Elubaeva Zhuldiz
Doctor econo0mical science




The department was created in 2007 to implement educational programs in the specialty “Tourism”. In 2009, for the first time in Kazakhstan, recruitment for the specialty “Restaurant business and hotel business” was carried out. Since 2010, the postgraduate educational program has been functioning as a master in the specialties 7M111  – Tourism, 7M111  – Restaurant business and hotel business and PhD doctoral studies in specialty 8D111 – Restaurant business and hotel business. Head of the Department “Tourism and Service” – Plokhih Roman, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor.

The department is one of the main educational and scientific departments of the university, a structural unit of the faculty of “Economics and Business”. The main goal of the department is to prepare bachelors, masters and doctors in relevant specialties, the implementation of scientific and educational work.