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Student life

When choosing a university, you need to pay attention to the organization of student leisure. Some dream of studying at the best university in the country, others pay attention to teaching methods, and others are concerned about employment issues after graduation. All this is important, but apart from studying there are many interesting things, for example, student life.From the first days of study at the university, students plunge into the fascinating and interesting world of public life, with the assistance of the Youth Council, circles function where students can show and reveal their talentsEach person has good memories of student life. How they prepared for the session, how they passed it, and how they noted it later.

Tastanul Ruza Abaygyzy, is a student dean of the Faculty of FDTTiO. Currently studying at the 4th year.

“All my life I have been doing something, I have never been able to sit around. And my participation directly in the affairs of the student council began immediately in the first year. At first she was an activist of her faculty, gradually began to participate in events of a university scale.”

At our faculty, a self-government organization has been created with the aim of solving the problems of student life and student activity. In its activities, the Faculty of Music and Youth consider issues related to training, social and living conditions of students.

The Student Council is a big and friendly family of talented and ambitious children. They surprise with creative ideas, organize forums, concerts, contests, performances. The quality of work is decent, constructive ideas please.

The mission of the Student Council is to provide organizational experience and skills to those students who want to get them. And the rest of the students should be given a variety of university life, freshmen – help in adaptation, getting to know a new environment for them.

“I began to better understand people, their motives, actions and positions, the peculiarities of their organization and interaction. These were not highly specialized knowledge about the university and its structure, but universal skills that are extended to different areas of activity, whatever you do after the Student Council. After all, wherever you are, you will surely work with people.”

Every year the “Teambuilding” event is held for the students of the faculty. The main goal is to show yourself as a resourceful and close-knit team of students.

For 1st year students, the event “Dedication to Students” is held annually. Faculty students organize a musical performance on a given theme. Also, students demonstrate an interesting script and unusual choreography.