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Department «Technology of textile production»

The “Technology of Textile Production” Dept. was established in 1987 on the basis of the General Technical Faculty of the Dzhambul Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry. The founders of the Department were the leading specialists and scientists in the field of technology and equipment of textile and light industry: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Doskhozhayev Dosmukhamed; Professor Wagner Jonnart; Professor Khromtsov Sergey; Kutzhanova Aiken; Khudova Lyubov; associate professors Shkunova Lyubov, Kozyrev Viktor, Jaksybayeva Kamshat, Zinger Emma. From the moment of its creation until 2000, the Department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergey V. Khromtsov. In the period of 2000-2018, the Head of the Department was Aiken Kutzhanova, PhD., Professor. In 2018, Indira Jurinskaya, PhD, was appointed as the Head of the “Technology of Textile Production” Department.