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Department «State and foreign languages»

The department of state and foreign languages has been leading its history since 1970.  It was headed by professor Ergazieva Narima Ismailovna for many years (1976-2000). Establishment and formation of methodological base of the department associated with the names Nurzagysh Shakenovny Kenjebayeva, Kuatbekov Moldabekuly Moldabekova, Beysenkul Kulmanovny Kulmanov who have made invaluable contributions to the field of language teaching of light and food  industry experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At various times, the department was headed by professor Mereke Hafizovna Tankibaeva (2001-2006.), associate professor Dalila Slambekovna Kusainova (2006-2009.), associate professor Nazgul Abaevna Tairova (2009-2010). Currently, the department is headed by candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Zauresh Zhumabaevna Auhadieva. The department staff consists of highly qualified teachers. Among them professor Narima Ismailovna Ergazieva who is one of the founders of the methodological basis of the department. She has been actively involved in shaping the creative potential of the department staff. She is the author of the existing programs of Russian language, teaching aids and methodical complexes. Professor Shapken Karibayevich Bekturov successfully worked at the department for many years. He is the author of more than 50 modern textbooks, manuals, methodological development of Kazakh language.