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Department «Physical educations»

The Department of “Physical Education” has been leading its history since 1989.  At various times, the department was headed by PhD, Associate Professor, Master of Sports of the USSR Grinyuk Larisa Semenovna (1993-1993), Turskeldin Sailau Altynbaevich Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Coach of the Kazakh SSR, Excellence in Education of the USSR, two-time champion of Asia in athletics among  veterans (2001-2008)

 Over the years, leading specialists in physical education and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan worked at the department: Goranko Mikhail Ivanovich – professor, Ph.D., Abdraimov Nursultan Ismailovich, Nurmanov Ramazan Nurmanovich – two-time winner of the USSR Cup, Mustafina Alfiya Ravilievna – MSMK in rugby, Kitaygorodskaya Anastasia  Sergeevna – MS in rugby, Karatygina Svetlana Nikolaevna – MSMK in rugby, MS in basketball.

 Currently, the department is headed by Mashkova Valentina Leonidovna (since 2009), Judge of the national category of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Also at the department work:

 Erkimbaev E.K.  MS USSR in wrestling,

 Talgatova D.K.  – MSMK in synchronized swimming, Master of P.N.  Master of Pedagogical Sciences: Makogonov A.A., Oralbekov E.Kh., Mamedov S.Ya., Talgatuly A.

 Lecturer: Taubaldin B.U., judge of the national category of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

 Uanova A.A., Trishina A.Yu.

 The methodology of teaching physical culture includes two main sections provided by the program: practical, control.  In addition, classes can be organized by streams.  To monitor and control the dynamics and physical fitness of students, classes are held in two courses at the beginning and at the end of the academic year, control tests (running for speed, jumps, strength exercises, etc.), which allow you to effectively assess the level of development of basic physical qualities.

 Assessment of progress in physical culture is carried out according to the rating system, the points of which correspond to the data of current accounting and special testing of knowledge, skills and abilities.

 When setting a test, the attendance and activity of students in the classroom, the results of fulfilling the control standards provided for by the program are taken into account.

 Practical section.  The educational material of this section is aimed at increasing the level of functional and motor abilities, at mastering the methods and means of physical culture and sports activities.

 Control section.  The material of the section is aimed at differentiated and objective accounting of the process and results of students’ educational activities.