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Department «Physical educations»

The methodology of teaching physical culture includes two main sections provided by the program: practical, control. In addition, classes can be organized by flow. For monitoring and controlling dynamics and physical fitness of students, classes are held in two courses of study, control tests (speed running, jumping, strength training, etc.) at the beginning and at the end of the academic year, which allow you to effectively assess the level of development of basic physical qualities.

Assessment of academic performance in physical culture is carried out according to the rating system,points correspond to the data of current accountingand a special test of knowledge,skills and abilities.For offset are important attendance and activity of students on classes, results of compliance with control standardswhich are provided by the program.

Practical section. Theeducational material in this section is directed toraise the level of functional and motor abilities, to master the methods and means of physical culture and sports activity.

Control section. The material of this section is directed todifferentiated and objective process accountingand the results of educational activities of students.