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Professional practice

The professional practice of students is the most important part of the training of highly qualified specialists, it is carried out in organizations with further employment.

Professional practice of students is carried out at the following enterprises: IP Mailibayeva, IP Aliya, IP Baltabaev, IP Lyan N.V., KazLegProm LLP, KN Rakhymzhanov IP, Asem Servis and K LLP, QUEEN IP, AyTem IP, Yrkynbai IP, Kaz Financial Group LLP, Maltabar IP, Sara Fashion LLP, Sycheva IP, Nurasali IP, Rashimova IP, Anuarbekova IP, IVM Investment House LLP, ABYROIkz IP, Tokzhanova IP, Shoes Republic made in Kazakhstan, “State Puppet Theater, sewing workshop, artistic props shop “, IE Matsutsina T.I. atelier MAGNOLIA, Khan Kyzy LLP, Aida Kaumenova LLP, ZIBROO LLP (KazSPO-N), Glasman LLP, Zhanatalap-MT LLP, KAZPLAST LLP, TULPAR REDA LLP, NIKA Sewing Firm, Asia Centr LLP , Naboko Fashion House, Asia Center LLP, Ansar Umit Workshop, Non standart automatics LLP, Trend-tekh LLP, Azala Textile LLP (Shymkent), AHBK-Kargaly LLP, Almaty, LLP “Universal-Reklama” (Almaty), LLP “Balalar Adebieti”, (Almaty), OO “Kiizkitap” (Almaty), FE “Jamil-studio”. (Almaty), LLP “Asian Media Textile” (Almaty), LLP “Ulbir” (Almaty), FE “Daurbaev Didar” (Almaty), atelier “Tomadios”, (Almaty) , FE “Karasheva”, (Almaty), Atelier “Bagdagul”, (Almaty), FE Amal Brand BLACKY (Almaty), FE “Mizhanaka”, (Almaty), Firm Peri LLP, ( Almaty), FE “Judy Ai”, (Almaty), Nur-Sultan, RC “Vienna Quarter”, studio “Venskiy Portnoy”. (Almaty), LLP “Aida Kaumenova”, FE Amal Brand BLACKY (Almaty), FE “Mizhanaka” (Almaty), Firm Peri LLP, (Almaty), FE “Judy Ai”, (Almaty), Nur-Sultan, ZhK “Vienna Quarter”, studio “Venskiy Portnoy”. (Almaty), LLP “Aida Kaumenova”, FE Amal Brand BLACKY (Almaty), FE “Mizhanaka” (Almaty), Firm Peri LLP, (Almaty), FE “Judy Ai”, (Almaty), Nur-Sultan, ZhK “Vienna Quarter”, studio “Venskiy Portnoy”. (Almaty), LLP “Aida Kaumenova”,”Author’s house Zerleu”, IP “Abdubaitova”, “QUEEN”.

The heads of enterprises take part in the final certification of graduates, give lectures, and are supervisors of theses.

Direction of scientific activity:

  • Theoretical and methodological principles of designing modern clothes based on the traditional Kazakh costume;
  • Scientific foundations for the design of special clothing for workers in the oil, metallurgical, metalworking and chemical industries;
  • Creation of new polyfunctional polymers and highly effective and biologically active compounds, their use in light industry;
  • Development of technology for processing textiles using water-soluble polymers;
  • Study of processing of worsted woolen yarn of domestic production of different structural characteristics for knitwear.
  • introduction of innovative methods of clothing manufacturing technology at small and medium-sized businesses

Science Center: On the basis of the faculty, a research institute of light industry was created, headed by G.K. Kairanbekov.