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Dear Applicants!

We present to your attention the faculty of design, technology of textiles and clothing. Our faculty covers a wide range of careers in the fields of design, textile development and light industrial products. Today, these professions are considered in demand and creatively interesting.

The faculty conducts the work of the teaching staff, which is in constant creative search and successfully teaching students their future specialty. The faculty trains graduates in the following educational programs:

  • 6В07204 – Technology and design of light industry products (by industry);
  • 6В07205 – Technology and design of textile materials (by industry);
  • 6В02101 – Design (by industry);
  • 6В07107 – Light industry machines and devices.

The educational programs of the faculty are annually improved and meet new requirements in the practical sphere. New and proven special disciplines are being introduced and updated. The digitalization of the educational process, adapted to all formats of education, is nearing completion.

There are scientific schools that have received recognition both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. The faculty is an educational and scientific center that fruitfully interacts with Russian and foreign universities and research institutes. Together with the European Institute of Design and the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli Group (Italy, Como), according to the memorandum, cooperation continues on a joint educational program in the specialty “Design” (the trajectory of training – “Fashion Design”).

Choosing our specialties, you will reach the heights of literacy, success and recognition in the field of light industry! I wish you successful studies and professional growth!