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Frequently asked question

Distance education allows students to successfully combine work in their chosen specialty with study, independently earning money for this purpose, which makes them financially independent. Working in a specialty helps them better assimilate educational material, while learning the subtleties of their profession, and accelerating career growth.

Graduates of colleges for related specialties and graduates of higher education institutions for obtaining a second higher education.

Tuition is paid on the basis of bilateral (University – student) or trilateral (University – student – enterprise) agreements. The amount of payment is set by the order of the rector annually, as a rule, for the entire period of study.

Enrollment is made based on the results of the interview.

Training is conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages in technical and economic specialties for food, processing and light industry, services, service, management, and information technology.

Graduates of the faculty work at many large enterprises of the light and food industry of all forms of ownership, in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in the service sector.

After enrollment, an organizational meeting will be held at the University. It is tentatively scheduled for September 13-14 at 09.00 at the address: Almaty, furkata street (below Tole bi street), 348/4, a. 220B (an announcement of possible changes will be posted on the ATU website).

At the meeting, students will be given a username and password to log in to the educational portal, and they will be trained to work with the UNIVER IPC used at the University. And also provided a lot of necessary and useful information. Here you will get acquainted with the staff of the Dean’s office and can ask any questions you are interested in.

For those who can’t attend the meeting and all those who want to, the meeting materials will be sent by e-mail.

In addition, you can see the instructions for working with the UNIVER IPC, a guide and a memo to the student in Your personal account on the University’s educational portal.

Most of the training takes place independently. The schedule of training and control events, lectures, guidelines for the implementation of practical classes and control tasks are part of the educational and methodological complex of the discipline, which is located in Your personal account on the training portal. According to the schedule, you should strive to complete all the necessary tasks. During the semester (15 weeks), you must pass 2 milestone tests (week 8 and 15), submit individual tasks to the teacher (by sending them to their personal account in the UNIVER IPC or by e-mail) and pass the test online in the Univer IPC. For all types of tasks, you must score at least 50% points. After that, the student takes the exam, usually in the form of testing. The total score for the subject is made up of the sum of these tests. At the final courses, students pass an internship if they do not work in their specialty and pass the state exam.