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Doctor of Technical Science, Professor
Dean's greeting

Dear friends!

Welcome to the page of the faculty of distance learning!

Today, higher education with the use of remote technologies has reached a new level of development and allows us to save our main resource-time.

Studying at the faculty of distance learning, every student can get a decent education, regardless of the place of residence and employment level.

If we talk about the advantages of distance learning, we can highlight the following advantages:

First, this form of training allows you to study at any time and in any place where there is a computer and the Internet. Flexible training schedule, individual approach, methodological assistance and organizational support throughout the training period.

The dialogue between teacher and students takes place through video conferencing, chat rooms, quizzes, videos and so on. At the same time, high efficiency and productivity are achieved, thanks to the ability to repeatedly review the lesson. This is the second.

Third, our faculty is currently equipped with modern educational technologies and unhindered access of students to the electronic resources of the scientific library.

At the same time, we have the best ratio of such parameters as price and quality of training.

Dear applicants! By choosing a distance learning faculty, you invest in your future and save your main resource-time!

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Leading specialist of the Educational Process Administration Service DLT

Erjankyzy Erkejan

Methodologist of the Educational process Administration service for DLT

Torebek Gaukhar Kaldybekkyzy

Technician of the Educational process administration service for DLT

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Phone: 3967161 (int. 126)

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