In 2004, the service of the registration department of the Almaty Technological University was created, which is engaged in registering the entire history of the student’s educational achievements and ensuring the organization of all types of knowledge control and the calculation of his academic rating.

In 2011, in order to improve the educational process and optimize the structure of the university, according to the order of the rector of the ATU, the “Registrar’s Office” was introduced into the structure of the university, to which the “Registration Department”, “Testing Department” and “Student Archive” were transferred.

The office of the registrar of the university is designed to organize the educational process on the credit technology of education, planning the educational process, quality control of students’ knowledge and operational planning and management of the educational process, accounting for the movement of the contingent of students and preparing statistical reports.

The work of the Registrar’s Office is implemented in accordance with its plan and is coordinated with the activities of the dean’s offices, departments and other structural units of the university involved in the organization of the educational process.

The main tasks of the Office of the Registrar of All Forms of Education are:

– registration and control of students’ knowledge in accordance with the credit technology of education;
– control over the implementation of individual curricula of students;
– organization of a system for monitoring the educational achievements of students;
– taking into account the educational achievements of students throughout the entire period of study;
– analysis of academic indicators of sessions, final attestations, control sections of students’ knowledge;
– relationship with teachers and advisers;
– providing accurate academic information to students, teachers and administrative staff.

The office of the registrar of all forms of education performs the following functions:

– registration of students on the basis of orders for enrollment, transfer, restoration;
– organization of the process of registration and re-registration of students for academic disciplines;
– formation of academic groups and streams;
– determination of the profitability of groups or subgroups;
– organizing and conducting control of students’ knowledge;
– involvement of independent examiners in assessing the knowledge of students;
– determination based on the results of the final control of the academic rating of students;
– organization of the summer semester to eliminate academic debts and differences in curricula,
– meeting the needs of additional training;
– providing, at the request of students, academic information to deans, university management (examination and rating sheets, summary sheets, reports) for analysis and current work;
– registration and issuance of diplomas and applications (transcripts) to graduates, registration in the book of accounting and issuance of blank diplomas.

Состав сотрудников:

Сериккызы Мира Сериковна
Начальник ОР


Какимбаева Асель Максутқызы
Начальник отдела регистрации


Шарипханова Балнұр Ерланқызы


Орынбеков Алишер Байшагылович
Инженер отдела тестирования


Исаева Майгуль Байдаулетовна


Ергеш Айгүл Күзенбайқызы


Абылгазинова Сана Нурлановна


Комекбаев Нурсултан Амантайулы


Чагирова Шынар Толеухановна


Внутренние нормативные документы

Formation and maintenance of personal files of students of the bachelor's degree

Rules for transferring, restoring and expelling students