Almaty Technological University
Abbreviated name
Year of Foundation
Academic Council
The President Kulazhanov Kuralbek The Sadibaevich
The Rector Kulazhanov Talgat Kuralbekovich
Certificates, licenses
Certificate of state re-registration of a legal entity No. 28264-1910-JSC dated December 26, 2003 State license No. 0137401 dated 03.02.2010
ATU has 5 faculties, 19 departments, Kazakh-Swiss Institute of Tourism and Hotel Business (HTMI), 3 research institutes, 8 research laboratories, 13 educational and research centers.

1. Research Institute of Food Technologies with laboratories:
- Research laboratory for new generation products;
- Research laboratory for laser activation of technological processes;
- Research laboratory for complex processing of secondary raw materials and food production;
- Research laboratory of innovative technologies for food and processing industries.
2. Research Institute of Food Safety with laboratories:
- Accredited food safety laboratory;
- Research laboratory for assessing the quality and safety of food products.

3. Research Institute of Light Industry problems with laboratories:
- Research laboratory of technology and safety of textile materials;
- Research laboratory for the design of light industry products.

Educational and scientific centers:
- Educational and Scientific Grain Center;
- Educational and Scientific Dairy Center;
- Educational and scientific center for meat processing;
- Educational and scientific macaroni center;
- Educational and scientific center for oils and dietary supplements.
- Educational and scientific center for the production of animal feed;
- Educational and scientific center for the production of grain mixture;
- Educational and Scientific Center for Fermentation Products;
- Training center for the production of catering products;
- Training center “SERVICE LAB” for restaurant and hotel business;
- Educational and Scientific Center “Asem Service”;
- Kazakh-Korean Scientific and Educational Center for Technology and Design;
- Republican Technical Committee №67 for Standardization of New Generation Food Products.
The total area of more than 70 thousand sq. m.

The infrastructure of the University includes:
4 educational buildings;
5 dormitories;
Large and small Assembly hall;
Scientific library;
13 educational and scientific centers;
Sewing shop;
Educational and production restaurant;
Power plant;
Sports hall and stadium;
Printing house:
Student service center.
Training of specialists
27 educational programs - bachelor’s degree, 24 - master’s degree, 13 - doctorate.
Institutional accreditation
Certificate IA No. 0084 dated December 25, 2017 Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - Open
International and national specialized accreditation of educational programs
Agency for Accreditation of Educational Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) 22 programs, including: 5 bachelor’s programs, 12 master’s programs, 5 doctoral programs.

Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education 20 programs, including: 9 undergraduate programs, 8 graduate programs, 3 doctoral programs.

Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) 13 programs, including: 7 bachelor’s programs, 4 master’s programs, 2 doctoral programs.
Contingent of students
Contingent of teaching staff
463 scientists and teachers, including 28 academicians and corresponding members of international and national academies of Sciences, 51 doctors of science and professors, 134 candidates of science and associate professors, 60 doctors of Ph. D
International cooperation
ATU successfully cooperates with more than 95 major foreign educational and scientific institutions
Scientific activity
Dissertation board: Technology of light and processing industry; technology of food industry
Republic of Kazakhstan, 050012, Almaty, Tole bi str., 100