Development of science and education is an important priority task of socio-economic modernization, achievement of economic competitiveness and entry of Kazakhstan into the number of 30 developed countries of the world.

The key tasks of the modern system of education, training and retraining of personnel were emphasized by the President of the country - Leader of the Nation N.A. Nazarbayev in his annual messages to the people of Kazakhstan "Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050: the new political course of the state" and "Kazakhstan's path - 2050: a single goal , united interests, united future".

The long-term priorities of the upcoming work in the field of higher education and science are indicated in the Strategy of the country's entry into the number of 30 developed countries of the world, proposed by the President: creation of an effective system of training and assistance in the employment of graduates, increasing the mobility of labor resources, ensuring sustainable development of Kazakhstan based on the principles of science-intensive economy; providing leading universities with academic and administrative autonomy; development of the system of engineering education and modern technical specialties with awarding of international model certificates; maximum satisfaction of current and prospective needs of the national economy in specialists; development of research activities of universities: creation and development of applied and research departments at higher educational institutions; creation of an effective system of support for students and students with high performance. For the effective solution of these tasks, higher education institutions are created by the state: a new mechanism for the integration of the education system and business is formed through the creation of trustee and supervisory boards and other forms of corporate governance, the legal basis of the education and science system is updated, and the academic freedom of higher education institutions is gradually expanded. etc.

For the successful implementation of the assigned tasks, Almaty Technological University (hereinafter - ATU) needs to create a new model of the university, based on a modern and effective system of management and quality management, credit technology and academic mobility of teachers and students, commercialization of the results of scientific and innovative activity of PPS, modern infrastructure, an effective system of training and retraining of personnel of the new formation, effective relations with the business sphere, modernization of methodical teaching, active development of the online education system and implementation of effective innovative teaching methods.

The strategic development plan defines the main directions of the University's work, contains control indicators and is developed in accordance with the documented procedure ATU-DP-5.3./5.4.1.-2012-27 "Development of strategies, policies and goals in the area of ​​quality". The main directions and indicators of the strategic plan of the University were determined by the Academic Council until 2020 and reported to the staff of ATU.

Strategic plan of development of ATU for 2022-2027

Development of strategy, mission, vision, goals and quality policy ATU-QAD-DP-5.1/6.2.2-2023-28