The Almaty Technological University (ATU) – one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan, which during the last 60 years is training the specialists and scientists for the food processing, textile and light industries, as well as for business sector and hospitality industry. The ATU is the undisputed leader in the abovementioned areas of training in the Central Asian region. The University consistently implements the principles of the Bologna Declaration and in 2010 it was honored to sign the Magna Charta Universitatum (the Great Charter of Universities). By decision of the Council of the European Association of Universities dated 3 April 2014 the Almaty Technological University is registered as an individual associate member of the European University Association (EAU).

The ATU has clearly defined policies and strategies towards the achievement of quality in its core business, in training and retraining processes for the purpose of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan as well as in formation of the modern, innovative and entrepreneurial infrastructure typical to the research universities. Here are some of the achievements of the ATU in the last period:

  • Quality Management System ISO9001 international certificates of the international “Moody International Certification” audit of the World Quality Inspection in the UK (2005), International audit agencies “The Russian Register” and “the IQ-net” (2011.);
  • In 2012-2013, the ATU has successfully passed another state certification as well as international institutional accreditationin the Independent Education Quality Assurance Agency of Kazakhstan (IEQAA) and specialized accreditation of educational programs in the International Accreditation AgencyASIIN(Germany) and the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IARA).All 48 educational programs of different levels of university education. have been accredited;
  • In the General universities ranking by the National Accreditation Centerthe ATU is included in top ten of the best technical universities in the country, and on the core food and food processing, textile and light industries specialties the ATU steadily occupiesthe first placein the rating of educational programs.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the ATU is more than 700 scientists and teachers, including 19 full members of international and National Academies of Sciences, 62 Doctors of Sciences, 167 Candidates of Sciencesand27 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD).The ATU employs about 60% of Kazakh Doctors of Sciences and 40% of PhDs in the field of food and light industry, more than 9,000 students are trained in 22 undergraduate courses, 19 – master courses, 11 – PhDcourses and 17 – in the technological and economic college.22 doctors and candidates of sciences were awarded the state scientific grant for outstanding scientists and young talents.42 employees of the university are holders of the state “The Outstanding High School Tutor” grant.

The main value of the ATU is more than 50,000 trained professionalswith higher education in various sectors of the national economy.The ATU graduates are working today in many countries, hold high posts in the state structures, industrial enterprises and organizations of the real sector of the economy.And most importantly, tens of thousands of our graduates run technological processes in the core sectors of the domestic industry.

The University is actively involved in the European Union Programs: ERASMUS +, FP-7.Within the framework of the international TEMPUS program together with the partners from the Universities of Urbino and Ancona (Italy), University of Copenhagen (Denmark) the training center on fashion design «Gadet» was operating at theATU at the beginning of the two thousandth’s. The standard master’s food safety program was developed as per another TEMPUS project: «Development of Master’s training program on food safety” in conjunction with the University ofprofessional education Van Hall Larenshteyn (Netherlands) and Greenwich University(Great Britain).The University opened the Center for Research and Innovation Development (REDIC) based on the TEMPUS project: “Creating the socially useful universities” together with the partners from the EU countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Spain and Germany).

Evidences proving the effectiveness of the activities of scientists of the University as well as recognition of the ATU and its scientific and educational potential are the following:

  • approval ofthe ATU by the order of RK MES in a capacity of the National Coordinator of the Program of the European UnionF7on the thematic area: ‘Food and Biotechnology »(BIO-NCP);
  • establishment by the Order of the RK MIST of the Technical Committee for Standardization №67: New Generation Technology and Food” at the ATU;
  • establishment of the ATU Research Center and Innovative Development (REDIC) as per the project of the European Union,the TEMPUS-1-2008;
  • more than two dozen gold and 2 silver medals awarded at the exhibitions of the International Forum “Meat and Dairy Industry” in Moscow (from 2008 to 2016.);
  • gold medals of the Russian agro-industrial exhibition of scientific achievements “Golden Autumn” in Moscow constantly awarded starting from 2009 to present;
  • gold medal of the Achievements Fair of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Karaotkel Zharmenkesi” (Astana, 2011.).

ATU is an active participant in the process of internationalization of scientific and educational programs providing the students with overseas summer internships and trainings within the framework of “double-diploma education” project, and for the teaching staff – the foreign scientific qualification improvement trainings. The ATU students and undergraduates are trained at the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Wildau (Germany), at the Academy of Catering and Hotel Business in Poznan city (Poland), at the International R.D.T.Institute (Switzerland), at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague (Czech Republic), at the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv city (Bulgaria)under the “Double diploma” program. And as per the program: INTER-CULTURE-TRAINING the ATU students have a unique opportunity to undergo the summer professional practice in partner universities in Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, South Korea and in other countries.

The University level depends largely on the performance of its basic structural units – faculties and departments. So one of the specialized structural units – Faculty oflight industry and design is developing international scientific and creative relationships with the KITECH» Institute ofIndustrial Technology (South Korea), Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), Moscow University of Design and Technology and NovosibirskTechnologicalInstitute,TashkentInstituteoftextile and light industryand the Technical University in Gabrovo (Bulgaria).The Faculty staff attends the overseas internships in partner institutions of theRepublic of Korea, Italy, the UK, Bulgaria, Russia and in other CIS countries.

Thefaculty staff actively participates in international competitions and exhibitions.The Faculty gained twogold medals in the “Art” and “WebDesign” categories at the Republican contest “The IXNational Youth Delphic Games”, two diploma in the “Ethnos” and “Evening dress” nominations, Grand – Prix” “Silver Button” and “Sapphire button” at the 15th international “Siberian Couturier” fashion competition (Novosibirsk, Russia), Gold medal at the international “Food market-2014″exhibition,certificate at the international “CentralAsiaFashion-2013”.All educational programs of the Faculty during the past academic year have successfully passed through the accreditation auditby the ASIIN International Accreditation Agency(Germany) and the Independent Education Quality Assurance Agency of Kazakhstan(IEQAA).Badge of Honor “Eurobachelor in Engineering” was awarded for the educational program:”Technology and Design of the Light Industry Products”.The last program and the program: “Technology and Design of Textile Materials” was ranked as the best as per the National Educational Programs Ranking System.

Interstate Kazakhstan-Korean Scientific and Educational Technology Center as well as the Arts Council were opened on a basis of the faculty. A joint research project: “Development of heat-bearing textile materials” is being conducted under the supervision of Professor, Zhilisbaeva (ATU) and Hwang (“Uniplatec”, South Korea).

The Graduates of the faculty: Aigul Kasymova (“Aigul ‘Kassymova” Studio), Aida Kaumenova (Aida KaumeNOWA Fashion House), Saltanat Baimukhamedovs (“Salta”Fashion House), Zuhra Abitova(“Wardrobe” Atelier), Alena Rivlina (San BellModel Agency), Irina Panyushkina (Look Fashion Salon) took a worthy place in Kazakhstan modeling and fashion sector due to their design talents and professional education.

Our university, as the initiator of training the professionals in the field of hotel and restaurant business, is actively cooperating with leading foreign schools of tourism and hospitality industry in order to train local specialists on a basis of the best world practices.The ATU and the SwissHTMI(Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management) signed a memorandum on joint trainings this year.Thus, the students of the faculty involved in the joint educational program have a unique opportunity to obtain the prestigious European education by studying mainly in Kazakhstan,and become the holders of:

– HTMI Diplomaon awarded bachelor’s degree in the specialty “Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management;

– ATU Diploma on awarded bachelor’s degree in “Tourism” and “Restaurant and Hotel Business.”

For the first time the students were enrolled to this international program in 2014.The implementation of this program directly involved the two ATU faculties: Faculty of Food Production and the Faculty of Economics and Business with the specialties: “Restaurant and hotel business”, “Tourism”.

Faculty of Food Production has experience in training specialists as per the “double-diploma education” program in cooperation with the Polish Academy of catering and hotel business as well as with the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Germany.Within the framework of the academic mobility the students are also being trained in the universities of Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain and France.International internship for the students is organized at the Faculty annually in well-known technical universities in Europe such as the University of Food Technologies (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Prague University of Chemical Technology and the Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic).

Internationalization of the education involves a set of measures ensuring the conditionsfor teaching the basic subjects in foreign languages.Therefore, the students of the specialty: “Technology of food products” and “Biotechnology” basic and specialized subjects such as “Microbiology”, “Molecular Biology”, “Biochemistry of food”, “Total industry’s technology”, “Biotechnology of milk and dairy products” “BAS Biotechnology”, “Studying the properties of raw materials and foodstuffs” are provided in English.

All educational programs of the Faculty of Food Production have successfully passed thespecialized accreditation of educational programs at the ASIIN International Accreditation Agency(Germany) and the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IARA).In March of 2014, the ASIIN made a decision on awarding the honorary sign: “Eurobachelor in Engineering” over two educational programs:5V072700 – Technology of food products;5V072800 – Technology of processing industries.

Note:The project: “European Accredited Engineer(European Accredited Engineer – EUR-ACE) is being implemented in Europe from September 2004 within the framework of the Bologna process, under umbrella of the European Union and aims to create a pan-European engineering education quality assurance system.

Another participant of the joint program withHTMIis the Faculty of Economics and Business has close ties with government agencies, industrial socio-professional associations and organizations, industrial enterprises of Almaty and neighboring areas.Thus, there is a cooperation with the Kazakhstan tourist Association, Kazakhstan Association of hotels and restaurants, tourist agencies (“Amari Tour”, “AssylTravel” et al.), major banks of second level, “Centras Insurance” OJSC, “Accountants and Auditors Association, FM-Consulting, Commercial University, “Damu” Fund, as well as food companies: Adal, Alem-Kense, Almaty-nan, Ararat, Aksai-Nan and others. Leading specialists of the companies and businesses partners conduct the lectures for the student audience and master classes, workshops and trainings, participate in job fairs held in the ATU.The Students of the faculty, as a rule, run the internship at these enterprises and organizations.

It is known that the employment of college graduates under the economy market conditions is a big challenge for both the graduates and higher education institutions.Each university is the subject of two markets: the market of educational services and productive labor market and their work is closely related.The cooperation between these two markets is continuous at the ATU throughout the academiс year.The latest graduates employment data monitoring for the academic year 2015-2016:in general, in the scale of the university employment is 87,1%.The Faculty of Food Production – 88.6%, the Faculty ofLight Industry and Design -92.7%.According to data of the Faculty of Economics and Business – 78.2% and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology -87.2%.Most of those who are not employed are the graduates passing the exams during summer-autumn period for master degree courses at their universities or in other institutions.It should be noted that high employment figures among the ATU graduate is fluctuating every year.

The ATU Departments maintain close contact with leading enterprises and organizations of the republic through surveys and questionnaires sent to the employers and regular feedbacks from them about their graduates.At the same time our employers are constantly involved in drawing up the catalog of elective disciplines in educational programs which significantly increases the demand for specialists.Some part of students is employed with the enterprises (organizations) after their internship at their facilities.The professionals (engineers, designers, researchers, system organizers, programmers) trained by the ATU now constitute the bulk of the engineering and technical personnel of enterprises of the specialized industries.

Our undergraduate program students are trained for work in manufacturing plants and food processing, textile and light industries as well as in engineering companies, specialized or scientific research, engineering and design organizations involved in research and development of modern technology and new production and technological processes.

Thus, all the activities of the Almaty Technological University are based on the concept of a complex continuous professional education corresponding to his leadership position.Without the leadership spirit the university would not be able to train a highly competitive skilled professionals and the University staff is aware of that.