Review University of Food Technology, Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Excellent teachers, university infrastructure, notifications of all news and projects, the attitude of the administration and teachers as equals. A large number of opportunities in terms of choosing what you want to do, in addition to basic activities. Organization of parties and holidays for students, which helps to meet new people – especially at the start of training. All in all, I like it. Learning is not very difficult, good teachers, accessible material, and there is nothing particularly complicated – the main thing is to make some efforts. And most importantly, there are good prospects after graduation

I deal with the professor of the department “Food Safety” A.A.Angelov. Having determined the goals and objectives, the teacher suggested a certain system of classes and we began to engage. Consistency, high professionalism, vast experience, extensive knowledge in the field of food safety and teaching are what distinguishes Professor Angelov from other teachers. Occupation flies not strained, but in one breath. A professional with a capital letter.

Dzhumabekova Gulzira Shabaevna

2-year graduate student of the specialty “Standardization and Certification”

Feedback from a 2-year student of the specialty "Restaurant and Hotel Business" to study at the University of Debrecen, Hungary

It is a great pleasure to study at the ancient university of Central Europe, which was founded back in 1538. Debrecen University offers a wide range of studies in accordance with the scientific interest of students, as well as social and recreational activities that contribute to the professional and personal growth, well-being and pleasure of students.

Many teachers are business practitioners, so the training is very interesting. All classrooms are equipped with interactive equipment, and not a single lecture is given without a presentation. Tasks for studying are given in the form of projects that are carried out both individually and in a group, which is a very exciting process. A huge number of local students are involved in the work of the university. They work with international students and are the organizers of scientific, cultural, sports and entertainment events.

A great opportunity for all ATU students to get a quality education, live in Europe, learn different cultures, be among a thousand students from all over the world and, of course, represent our country.