Bank details
Call center: 8 (727) 244 30 00, 8 (727) 293-52-88 (ext.138) - Economic Department of JSC «ATU»

Details of JSC «ATU»:
AGF JSC «Bank Center Credit»
IIC KZ878560000000011134 KBE 17
BIN 990840000359

Payment for training, hostel, as well as additional and related services of JSC ” ATU “can be made in the branches of the Bank/ cash offices of JSC “Bank CenterCredit”, the addresses of which can be found on the website: http:/


The nearest address of RKO JSC «Bank CenterCredit» is located at: 156 Bogenbay Batyr str., Almaty (ug.Seifullina street), and also for your convenience in the lobby of the main building of JSC “ATU” there is a payment terminal, at 100 Tole bi street.


Payment can be made by both students of JSC “ATU” and third parties (parents, relatives, organizations, etc.).


Payment can be made either by depositing cash in the Bank’s cash register and payment terminals (from an individual in favor of a legal entity (JSC “ATU”), or by wire transfer or through a financial portal


When paying, you must check the following information:

  • Full name of the student;
  • Individual identification number of the student;
  • University – «Almaty Technological University»;
  • Purpose of payment – «For training, for accommodation in a hostel, for student, for the diploma, etc.».


The Bank’s fee for services payment for training:

  • through the terminal 70 tenge;
  • through the cashier 250 tenge;
  • in non-cash order 0,3% of the transfer amount (min. 250 tenge).


Do not forget to get a check/receipt when paying through the terminal / cashier.
Keep your receipts and receipts for tuition fees until the end of the training period!

Health services
Students of the full-time Department of ATU «Almaty technological University» undergo a medical examination in the health center. Health point for first aid.

Mission: Prevention of diseases and improvement of reproductive health of young people.

The main tasks of the health center:

  • prevention of socially significant diseases;
  • comprehensive medical examination;
  • immunoprophylaxis;
  • sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.

The health center was organized to provide medical services to students and undergraduates. In its work, the health center is governed by Constitution, legislative act of Kazakhstan and the laws of health organizations of the RK.

Health center provides the following services:

  • Immunization;
  • Control of patients with infectious diseases;
  • Carrying out sanitary and preventive measures on AIDS / HIV, drug addiction, alcoholism, Smoking;
  • Control of patients with chronic diseases;
    Monitoring of the sanitary and hygienic condition of dormitories.

In the health center for the reception of students work:

  • Doctor-therapist
  • Gynecologist – during medical examination

The health center has the following offices:

  • Pre-medical office
  • Preventive examination
  • Treatment room as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Office insulator