Distance learning involves self-study of disciplines using the educational portal IPK “Univer” and consultations with the teacher leading the course.

The list of disciplines and teaching materials are provided on the personal page of the student in the educational portal. The entrance to the educational portal is carried out through the ATU website ( by Univer link).

If necessary, you can get these materials on a CD-ROM. To do this, you need to apply to the Dean’s office.


About exams

To be admitted to the exam must be:

  • Full payment for the course (The copy of the receipt must be provide to the deans office).
  • A control score must be at least 50 (KR1 + KR2 + RT).
  • Who passes exam again must submita copy of the payment receipt to the dean’s office

The exam can be taken *:

  • In other places located outside the ATU

1.1 The presence of a web camera (In other places located outside the ATU)

1.2 The presence of a microphone (In other places located outside the ATU)

  • In the main educational building of ATU, Almaty, Tole bi 100, room 602

* Have an identity card with you

In the case of a distance exam, you must ensure that the exam is automatically recorded at all times. To enter the program for the exam, you should to follow the link, entera login (as in UNIVER) and password 12345, click “Enter”.

For passing the exam will open a detailed step-by-step instruction in upon entering the program. Select a discipline and click Record

Before start passing the tests, you must show  an identity card on the webcamera, providing a clear image of the photo, last name, first name, middle name.

Next, click will be “Go to change” and you will be taken to the UNIVER program, after enteringprogram test will began. The exam is limited in duration, so don’t be distracted.

You can’t write off and pass for another student. The program will note this, then exam will be canceled. It is mandatory to take the exam on the specified day according to the schedule. Access to the exam from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. according to the schedule. Do not forget that for exam  you need an identity card! Do not forget to pass the turn control in the Univer system!

When taking distance exams  students must use a laptop or computer with a web-camera. Examinations are recorded throughout the entire time of delivery, while the face, table and space behind the student should be visible.

Exams are recorded throughout the entire time and should be visible the face, table and space where the studentis located.

It is forbidden to close the site ( throughout the exam.