Organization and planning of student research work (RWS) at the university is carried out in accordance with the “Regulations on RWS”.

Research work of students is planned and carried out during the academic year in the following main areas:

  • participation of students in the implementation of economic and state budget research projects;
  • preparation of scientific abstracts, publication of scientific articles in cooperation with teachers;
  • participation in competitions, olympiads, conferences;
  • implementation of scientific term papers and theses, as well as works with elements of research and development at the graduating departments.

The main task of the university in organizing research work of students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students is solved and carried out through differentiated involvement of them in various forms of creative activity, taking into account their level of training. The best works are published in scientific publications of the university, the republic and abroad. The activity of students can be assessed by such an indicator as the annual publication of conference proceedings. Every year the university holds a scientific and practical conference of young scientists “Science. Education. The Youth”.


Today, youth entrepreneurship is one of the priority areas for small business development. The creation of favorable conditions that stimulate young people to engage in entrepreneurial activity is considered in various programs and competitions.  The university has created conditions to increase motivation for self-realization in entrepreneurial activity among young people.

Young scientists of the university take an active part in the following competitions:

  • Competition for awards in the field of science, state scientific scholarships (MES RK) “State scientific scholarships for talented young scientists.”
  • Competition of student scholarships of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation.

The university is holding a start-up project competition “START – UP ATU”, where applications from students and young scientists will be submitted.

The main objectives of the START – UP ATU project competition are:

  • Assistance in increasing the activity of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teaching staff in scientific, entrepreneurial and research activities in accordance with the goals and objectives of the ATU development;
  • Development of interconnection and expansion of forms of interpersonal interaction among students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teaching staff of the university;
  • Demonstration of the practical possibilities of applied, research and development with the participation of specialists from various fields of science and industry.

To attract and organize scientific activities among students, to assist in their choice of a scientific direction, including conducting scientific debates, hearing and discussing thematic reports, participating in student scientific events at various levels, student scientific circles have been created at faculties, departments.

The main goal of the SNK is to create and develop favorable conditions for the formation of specialists by intensifying the research activities of students, their participation in scientific research conducted at ATU, as well as providing an opportunity for each student to exercise his right to creative personality development in accordance with his abilities and needs.

Currently, the university has 14 student scientific circles: “Milk Paradise”, “Meat Oscar”, “Baker”, “Textile”, “Expert”, “Fermentation”, “Altyn Don”, “School of Young Managers”, “Correct food”, “Biotechnologist”, “All about meat”, “Cheese live”, “Young hotelier”, “Young farmer”.

The Enactus ATU team opened on March 14, 2014. The Enactus ATU team is a young team among other teams. The Enactus ATU team has been working for the sixth year in the large, cohesive organization Enactus Kazakhstan and it has its own ambitions, high goals, and great prospects.  Young, bright team of Enactus ATU will try to take the leading positions in the international league of Enactus.

Coordinator of the Enactus ATU team – Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Rskeldiev Berdan Abdazimovich, Captain – Uzakbaeva Zhansaya, adviser  – Assistant Professor of the Department of Education and Science Kodar Zamza Mutashovna.