Organization and planning of research work of students (SRRS) at the university is carried out in accordance with the “Regulations on SRRS”.

Research work of students is planned and carried out during the academic year in the following main areas:

– participation of students in the implementation of contractual and state budget research projects;
– preparation of scientific abstracts, publication of scientific articles together with teachers;
– participation in competitions, olympiads, conferences;
– performance of scientific term papers and theses, as well as works with elements of research work at graduating departments.

The main task of the university in organizing research of students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students is solved and carried out through differentiated involvement of them in various forms of creative activity, taking into account the level of their training. The best works are published in scientific publications of the university, the republic and abroad. The activity of students can be assessed by such an indicator as the annual publication of conference proceedings. Every year, the university holds a scientific and practical conference of young scientists “Science. Education. Youth”.

Today, youth entrepreneurship is one of the priority areas for the development of small businesses. The creation of favorable conditions that encourage young people to engage in entrepreneurial activities is considered in various programs and competitions. The university has created conditions for increasing motivation for self-realization in entrepreneurial activity among young people.

Young scientists of the university take an active part in the following competitions:

Competition for awards in the field of science, state scientific scholarships (MES RK) “State scientific scholarships for talented young scientists.”
Competition of student scholarships of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation.

The university holds a competition of start-up projects “START – UP ATU”, where applications from students and young scientists will be submitted.

The main objectives of the START – UP ATU project competition are:

Assistance in increasing the activity of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teaching staff in scientific, entrepreneurial and research activities in accordance with the goals and objectives of the development of ATU;
Development of interconnection and expansion of forms of interpersonal interaction among students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teaching staff of the university;
Demonstration of the practical possibilities of applied, research developments with the participation of specialists from various fields of science and production.

To attract and organize scientific activities among students, to assist them in choosing a scientific direction, including holding scientific debates, hearing and discussing thematic reports, participating in student scientific events at various levels, student scientific circles have been created at faculties and departments.

The main goal of the SNC is to create and develop favorable conditions for the formation of specialists by intensifying the research activities of students, their participation in scientific research conducted at ATU, as well as providing an opportunity for each student to exercise their right to creative development of the individual in accordance with his abilities. and needs.

Currently, there are 14 student scientific circles at the university: “Dairy Paradise”, “Meat Oscar”, “Baker”, “Textile”, “Expert”, “Fermentation”, “Altyn Dan”, “School of Young Managers”, “Correct nutrition”, “Biotechnologist”, “All about meat”, “Cheese live”, “Young hotelier”, “Young farmer”.

The Enactus ATU team opened on March 14, 2014. The Enactus ATU team is a young team among other teams. The Enactus ATU team has been working in the large, close-knit organization Enactus Kazakhstan for the sixth year and it has its own ambitions, high goals, and great prospects. A young, bright Enactus ATU team will try to take a leading position in the international Enactus league.

The coordinator of the Enactus ATU team is Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Rskeldiev Berdan Abdazimovich, the captain is Zhansaya Uzakbayeva, the adviser is Kodar Zamza Mutashovna, Associate Professor of the Department of POiON.

Competitions "Enactus Kazakhstan National Expo 2015"

Republican competition of student social and business projects “Enactus Kazakhstan National EXPO 2015” among 30 universities of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the competition was to integrate into the world educational and business space, select and support social projects of the most talented and gifted students.

The Enactus ATU team presented 2 projects: “Handmade Soap”, “Almaty Souvenirs”. The “Handmade Soap” project was associated with the production of environmentally friendly handmade soap and was recognized by the jury as a rather promising project. The project called “Almaty souvenirs” set itself the goal of entering the market with the production of creative souvenirs, key chains and other unusual products.

The Enactus ATU team coordinator is Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Kizatova Maygul Zhalelovna, Captain Kaldybayeva Ulbosyn Almasbekovna, Advisor Badanova Aigerim Kenzhebekovna.

Designing the future

On December 14, at the Department of MAPP of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, the opening of the student educational laboratory in robotics “Robolab” took place. The creation of the laboratory was a suggestion of students who wanted to develop in the field of robotics and information technology, wanted to gain research experience and implement their ideas. In September 2016, the university leadership supported this initiative, and today students can acquire design skills using the latest equipment installed in the laboratory.

The moderator of the meeting was Bibipatyma Erenova, Dean of FIIT, who told the audience about the purpose of creating this laboratory, its capabilities, as well as the success of our students in the IT field.

In their welcoming speeches, Vice-Rector for UMR Berdan Rskeldiev and Vice-Rector for Research and Development Maygul Kizatova expressed the general opinion of all those present that the opening of the robotics center is a huge step towards a new technological future not only for the university, but for the whole country. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head. Department “MAPP” Sabiy Usupov and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department “IGPM” Erbol Temirbekov.

During the event, a presentation of their own scientific developments of young scientists was also held. Among them, the robot waiter “IWaiter” aroused the greatest interest of the guests, who treated everyone to hot drinks.


CONGRATULATIONS! The winners of the competition of research works of students with the award of the Diploma of the I degree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Oral Karlygash Nurtaykyzy specialty 5В072600 – Technology and design of light industry products, supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Nurzhasarova M.A.;
Maudinov Nazir Sovetzhankyzy specialty 5B072700 – Technology of food products, supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Uzakov Ya.M.;
Yavakhunova Raziya Arlievna, specialty 5B072800 – Technology of processing industries, supervisor – Ph.D., associate professor Baigazieva G.I.;
Kuanbay Nazerke Kurmanbekkyzy, Nurmakhankyzy Nursaule specialty 5В073300 -Technology and design of textile materials, supervisors – Ph.D., Professor Kutzhanova A.Zh. and PhD, acting associate professor Badanova A.K.;
Tashpulatov Aizhan and Vakhitov Diana specialty 5B091200 – Restaurant and hotel business, supervisors: Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Esaidar U.S., Art. teacher Tuebekova Z.Zh.