The Research Institute of Light Industry – (NIILP) is a structural scientific department of the University, part of the Science Department, which carries out basic and applied research on a wide spectrum in the field of light and textile industry.

The main priority areas of research activities of the Institute:

  • development of methods for designing special clothes for protection against dangerous and harmful production factors based on the study of working conditions of workers;
  • development of design methods for design-technological solutions of national and modern clothing based on scientific principles;
  • development of methods for designing various types of yarn and textile materials with desired properties.

The structure of NIILP includes:
– Kazakh-Korean Scientific and Educational Technology Center (KNOCT);
– Scientific research laboratory of technology and safety of textile materials (LIL TBTM);
– Scientific – Research Laboratory for the design of products of light industry (NIL PILP).


KKSECT was established in 2011 on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of innovative cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Technologies KITECH, South Korea and ATU.


Scientific seminars, conferences and master-classes are held at the base of the KKSECT with the participation of scientists from South Korea headed by the President of the Kazakhstan-Korea Center for Technological Cooperation Mr. Edward Teikyang Chong:


  • on the construction of male products Song Sa-Jin with the participation of You Ji Tacka – manager of the corporation “KITECH”;
  • garment technology Park Jeong Soo.


Doctoral candidates, undergraduate and secondary students conduct a series of experimental studies based at KITECH (South Korea) in the field of developing flame retardant materials and workwear for protection against fire, flame and metal splashes.


The faculty of the Faculty of Light Industry and Design annually undergo scientific and pedagogical training at the KITECH base.

The research laboratory on the technology and safety of textile materials was created on the material and technical basis of the department “Technology of textile production”, carries out research work in the field of dyeing and finishing textile materials, as well as designing knitwear.


Priority areas:

  • resource-saving technologies for chemical finishing of textile materials;
  • the study of the possibility of obtaining new ways of connecting and finishing parts of textiles.


The main achievements of the laboratory:

According to the results of scientific research, on the basis of research laboratories on the technology and safety of textile materials under the guidance of scientists ATU, funded topics:


  • “Development of innovative technologies for the creation of safe textile auxiliaries based on water-soluble polymers” (grant of the MES RK) Science Committee with a funding of 72,833,400 tenge;
  • “Creation of new textile auxiliaries based on water-soluble polymers for finishing textile materials” (grant NATTR) with a funding of 9,991,000 tenge.
  • 7 doctoral PhDs and 15 master’s theses have been defended;
  • The results of research works have been published in more than 50 scientific works in foreign and republican editions, including those in Thomson Reuters, Scopus;
  • More than 70 reports, theses were presented in 30 foreign, international, republican scientific and practical conferences;
  • Received 13 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan for an industrial design and utility model.

On the basis of the research and production center «ASEM SERVIS and K» students, undergraduates, doctoral students on the basis of experimental studies develop design documentation for the manufacture of products for various purposes, including judicial gowns, special clothing to protect against various dangerous and harmful production factors, national clothes, manufacture prototypes and pilot batches of products, using new generation equipment, conduct testing of scientific developments in production conditions s, process applications for industrial designs and utility models.


Students on the basis of ASEM SERVIS and K develop exclusive collections of models of clothing that take an active part in the competitions of young designers Zhas-Urken, which is held on the basis of ATU, as well as Siberian couturier, Admiralty needle, and Podium , “Caspian Fashion Week” and take prizes. With the participation of well-known foreign and domestic designers of the Fashion Industry based on ATU, FASHION CENTER was opened for the presentation of the best developments of the light industry and design department.