Director of SRIFT: Doctor of technical sciences, professor Academian NASc RK
Iztayev Auyelbek

Phone.: 396-71-33 (ext. 125)

Deputy Director of SRIFT: PhD, associate professor
Yakiyayeva Madina

Phone.: 396-71-33 (ext. 142)

Scientific Research Institute of Food Technologies (SRIFT) – structural scientific division of the university, which is part of the Science Directorate, carrying out fundamental and applied research in a wide range in the field of food and processing industries.

The main priority areas of scientific activity of the Institute:

  • progressive innovative technologies of post-harvest processing, storage and processing of cereals, legumes, oilseeds and the production of ecologically high-potential product ranges of flour, cereals, feed, bakery, pasta and confectionery products for medical and prophylactic purposes;
  • intensification of technological processes in the food industry using laser technology;
  • biotechnology in food production, bioconversion of agricultural raw materials, processing and utilization of agricultural waste into food and feed products;
  • development of new types of therapeutic and prophylactic and functional food products;
  • nanosystems in the production of biomaterials and food products;
  • quality and safety of food products.

SRIFT consists of 4 scientific-research laboratories (SRL):

  • Problematic SRL for the creation of new generation food products;
  • SRL of nanotechnology in the food and processing industry;
  • SRL of technologies for food and processing industries;
  • SRL of laser activation of technological processes.