Director of the Scientific research institute of food safety: PhD
Nabiyeva Zhanar Serikbolova

Phone: 396-71-33 (ext. 145, 144), 277-47-43

The “Science Research Institute of Food Safety” was established in 2011 on the basis of the Research institute of food technologies. The Research institute of food safety conducts tests of products according to microbiological and physico-chemical indicators, for compliance with safety requirements (physico-chemical and microbiological tests, quantitative chemical analysis).

The structure of the institute includes two laboratories: the testing laboratory “Food safety” and the Scientific research laboratory for assessing the quality and safety of food products.

By the decision of the National accreditation center of the Committee for technical regulation and metrology of the Ministry of industry and new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the “Food safety” testing laboratory is accredited in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with the requirements of State standard ISO/IEC 17025-2019 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration Laboratories” (Accreditation certificate № KZ.T.02.E 1158). The laboratory has established and maintains a management system, for the functioning of which the necessary procedures, programs and instructions have been developed. The testing laboratory “Food safety” employs specialists who have received certificates that confirm their qualification in the quality management system.


Grain and bread products, meat, dairy products, fish products, beverages, water and other products of the food industry and agricultural production. In the testing laboratory, the content of heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates, residual amounts of pesticides, herbicides and mycotoxins, indicators of oxidative damage are determined. A complete physical and chemical analysis is carried out: determination of humidity, ash content, sugar, fat, proteins, titrated acids, the content of various ions, etc.

Accreditation certificate

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List of services of SRL AQSFP

Regulation SRT FS



  • monitoring the quality of raw materials and products during the production process (bread, dairy, meat products);
  • performing certain types of physico-chemical and microbiological analyses;
  • development of regulatory and technological documents for tested and new products;
  • assistance to the educational process in the implementation of experimental work by students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students;
  • development and improvement of test methods, planning, processing and analysis of experimental results;
  • providing methodological and consulting assistance.

Technical equipment

Contact information:

Telephone: +7 727 277 47 43, Email:
Address: Almaty, 348/5 Raiymbek ave., building 2B, office 102

Scientific research institute of food safety (SRT FS), 104-2B
Tel.: 396-71-33 (ext.145, 144), 277-47-43

Testing laboratory “Food safety” (ATL FS), 102-2B
Tel.: 277-47-43

Scientific research laboratory for assessing the quality and safety of food products, 106-2В
Tel.: 396-71-33, ext. 144



Nabiyeva Zhanar Serikbolova
Director of the Scientific research institute of food safety, PhD

Winner of the title of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Best University teacher – 2016”. Author of over 100 scientific papers, including 5 textbooks and manuals (2 in English), 2 monographs, 7 inventions.

Daribayeva Gulnur Tleukhanovna

Head of the testing laboratory “Food safety”, PhD

Samadun Abdyssemat Isamidinuly

Head of the Scientific research laboratory for assessing the quality and safety of food products

Sholpan Bakhtybekkyzy

Doctor-bacteriologist of the testing laboratory “Food safety”

Urazbekova Gulzhan Eralyyevna

Bacteriologist of the testing laboratory “Food safety”

Toleukhnaova Nazym Sarsenovna

Chemist-toxicologist on general issues of the testing laboratory “Food safety”

Baidilda Ayazhan Erkebulankyzy

Laboratory assistant-bacteriologist of the testing laboratory “Food Safety”