Educational and scientific bread center
The activity of “Educational and scientific bread center” is one of the largest achievements and opens up wide opportunities for the introduction of scientific developments of university into production, holding seminars and master classes with representatives of leading companies in Kazakhstan. Over the past five years, the food industry enterprises of the republic have been offered about ten innovative projects to improve the technological properties of leguminous crops, the quality of bread, five of which have been introduced into production. Among them are the improved aspiration system in “Altyn Diirmen” JSC, the ion-zone technology for processing grain and dough in “KazBestGray” LLP, the technology for developing new types of wheat bread in “KHBK Aksay” LLP.
Educational and scientific pasta center
On October 30, 2015, the grand opening of “Educational and scientific pasta center” was held, the opening ceremony of which was attended by guests from leading universities and research centers of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, administration, teaching staff of “ATU” JSC, including teachers of “Technology of bread products and processing industries” department, students, as well as representatives of advanced enterprises of the food industry of Kazakhstan. The guests of honor highly appreciated the importance of “Educational and scientific pasta center” as one of the most important conditions for obtaining high-quality education, studying innovative technologies, and developing functional products for the population.
Educational and scientific center of meat processing
«The educational and scientific center of meat processing» was inaugurated at the Almaty Technological University on October 18, 2013 with the participation of foreign scientists and researchers from partner universities of «ATU» JSC.
Educational and scientific center of milk processing
«The educational and scientific center of milk processing» is designed to create fermented milk products, cottage cheese, cheeses and ice cream. It has 3 technological lines equipped with the following types of equipment: tanks for milk and fermented milk products, separator, Bertoli homogenizer, heater, filling machine, automatic capping gun, centrifugal pump, automated complex for cheese and cottage cheese, installation for mozzarella cheese, press for cheese, mini cheese dairy, mixer, freezer, washing tub, tables and shelves.
Educational and scientific center for the production of grain mixtures
“The Educational and scientific center for the production of grain mixes” was established in 2016 through a commercialization project (contract № 217 dated October 14, 2016) with the aim of introducing the technology of domestic functional grain mixtures for the enrichment of bread products at grain processing enterprises in Kazakhstan.
Educational and scientific center for the production of animal feed
“Educational and scientific center for the production of animal feed” is intended for: conducting practical training with students and scientific research undergraduates and doctoral students; performing research work by departments and research laboratories. In this center, the implementation of scientific developments of young scientists of the university into production is carried out, seminars and master classes are held.
«Educational restaurant» and «Educational and scientific center for the production of public catering products» of the department of «Technology of food products»
“Educational restaurant” is a form of organizing the educational process in the mode of a real-life enterprise, which makes it possible to implement practice-oriented training of students. One of the purposes of this educational technology is the development of professionally significant personal qualities of students: creativity and initiative, critical thinking, self-esteem, responsibility for decisions.
Scientific training center of fermentation products production
A successful example of effective interaction between the university and industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan is “Scientific training center of fermentation products production” created on the basis of technopark of “ATU” JSC with the sponsorship of “Efes Kazakhstan” JSC IE.
Training center «Academy of business council of bakers and confectioners» for baking and confectionery production
The main task of center is to involve student youth in practical experience, to awaken interest in new scientific knowledge that goes beyond the main educational programs.

At the training center, bakery technologists of the highest category Sergey Anatoliyevich Zemtsov, Pavel Besedin and others conduct training seminars, master classes for workers in the bakery and confectionery industry of Kazakhstan, as well as for students, master’s students, doctoral students and teachers of our university.