The functioning of the educational and scientific center for meat processing allows the training of highly qualified specialists and the conduct of scientific research on the basis of integrating education, science, production and the best international experience for human resources and scientific innovation in the food industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The center is equipped with the latest achievements in sausage and meat production. Fully organized are the processes of cutting, boning, meat trimming, raw material salting, mincing, molding, heat treatment and storage of ready-made sausages and meat products.

The center is equipped with the following equipment: heat chamber (УК-3/1М100), cooling chamber КХН-9, table mincer LaMinervaАЕ-22, hydraulic syringe LaMinervaCEINS/32, table mincemakerhaMinervaC/EMM-30, TalsaK15, hand injector, table vacuum massager SuhnerVT-20, vacuum packing machine, table clipper «Корунд-клип» 1-25Р, production tables, 2-section washing bath for washing raw materials, etc..

Created in the center of scientific developments of young scientists are constantly involved in various competitions, exhibitions, not only at the national, but also at the international level. Products of undergraduates and doctoral students are awarded annually with gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as with honorary certificates at the Russian agro-industrial exhibition «Золотая осень» (Russia, Moscow), at the International Exhibition «Молочная и Мясная индустрия», domestic exhibitions «Қараөткел», «Алтын дастархан», «Kazakhstan Food Market».

October 12, 2012 within the framework of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Innovative Development of Food, Light and Hospitality Industry” the solemn opening of the educational and scientific grain center was held. The opening ceremony was attended by guests from leading universities and research centers of 12 countries: Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
The center is equipped with unique equipment from Italy, Germany and France, meeting the modern requirements of bakery. The functioning of the educational and scientific grain center is one of the major achievements and opens great prospects for: the introduction of scientific developments of university scientists in production; conducting seminars and master classes by representatives of leading companies in Kazakhstan.

The university is actively developing the commercialization of scientific research: the high scientific and creative potential of the University has allowed over the last five years to offer enterprises of the food and processing industry of the Republic about 10 innovative projects to improve the technological, seed advantages of leguminous crops, the quality of bread, of which 5 are implemented in production. Among them — an improved system of slotted aspiration onJoint-Stock Company «АлтынДиермен», ion-ozon technology of grain and dough processing on LLP «KazBestGray», technology for the production of new types of grain bread on LLP ХБК «Аксай».

The educational and research center for milk processing is intended for the creation of sour-milk products, cottage cheese, cheeses and ice cream. Accordingly it is equipped with the following equipment: 2 tanks for milk and fermented milk products, homogenizer Бертоли, heater, automatic filling machine, automatic capping machine, centrifugal pump, cheese complex, mozzarella installation, cheese press, freezer, separator, mixer, device and shelves.

In the Center, scientists are trained in regimes and methods for the production of new types of lactic acid products: yogurts, cottage cheese, cheeses, ice cream of various assortments and recipes, including national dairy products, as well as laboratory and research work on milk and dairy products for doctoral students, undergraduates.

October 30, 2015, the inauguration of the educational and scientific macaroni center took place. The opening ceremony was attended by: guests from leading universities and research centers of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, the university, атакжеteachers of the department «Technology of bakery products and processing industries», students, representatives of the leading enterprises of the food industry in Kazakhstan.

The Guests Of Honor Highly Appreciated The Importance Of The Educational And Scientific Macaroni Center As One Of The Main Conditions For Obtaining Quality Education, Studying Innovative Technologies, Developing Products For The Population.

The Center Is Equipped With A Semi-Automatic Mini-Line For The Production Of Short-Cut Pasta From Soft And Hard Wheat Varieties (bakery flour of superior quality with gluten 26-32%). Mini-line Consists Of Pasta Press Brand ПМИ 02 and Two Drying Cabinets Brand ШС 1. Additional Equipment To The Line Are The Packing And Packing Semi-Automatic У-01 And Flour-Screening Machine МП-03. Press Of Pasta ПМИ 02 It Is Intended For Kneading Dough, Shaping, Cutting And Preliminary Drying Of Pasta From Flour Of Any Sorts Of Wheat: Hard And Soft, Fine And Coarse Grinding, Manki And Their Mixture.Dryer ШС-1 It Is Intended For Drying Pasta From The Initial Humidity 36,2% To Residual Moisture 19%. Drying of Pasta Is Carried Out With Forced Air Blowing Them. Drying Cabinet Operates In Semi-Automatic Mode. The Temperature Mode Is Maintained Automatically.The Created Educational And Scientific Center Opens Great Prospects For: The Introduction Of Scientific Developments Of University Scientists In Production; Conducting Seminars And Master Classes. The Center Conducts Laboratory And Research Work On The Technology Of Macaroni Production For Doctoral Students, Undergraduates, Students.