The Scientific and Technical Convocation (STC) of the Almaty Technological University is established with the aim of effectively promoting the implementation of research and development work, as well as innovative projects by the teams and subunits of the university.

In its activities, it is guided by the Charter, the orders of the rector, the decisions of the Academic Convocation, and regulatory and legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating activities in higher education and science.

Aim STC:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of scientific, technical and innovation activities of the University;
  • use of the results of scientific activity in the food and light industry, educational and scientific-production process;
  • Increase the scientific contribution of the University in solving urgent problems of science on the basis of extensive use of the scientific and technical potential of the University;
  • ensuring the conditions for the fullest satisfaction of the scientific and socio-economic interests of scientific teams and scientific departments of the University.
  • creating conditions for attracting talented youth to the field of science and innovation.

    Т. Kulazhanov. – professor, rector of ATU, chairman;
    B. Nurakhmetov. professor, first vice-rector of ATU, vice-chairman;
    B. Rskeldiev – professor, Vic- Rector for Science and Innovation, vice-chairman;
    B. Aliyev – professor, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
    R. Mukhtarkhanova – professor, head of the department of science;
    L. Baybolova – professor, Dean of Food Production Faculty
    R. Zhilisbayeva Р.О. – professor, Dean of Faculty of light industry and design
    Zh. Mirzageldieva – Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
    G. Zhangutina – Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business;
    A. Iztaev – academician, Director of the Research Institute of Food Technology;
    M. Nurzhasarova – professor, Director of the Research Institute of Problem of light industry;
    А. Kozybaev– Director of the Research Institute of Food safety;
    S. Rakhimova – Head of the department of organization of scientific work; secretary

    Scientific sections of STC :
    Section I «Technology and food safety»;
    Section II «Technology, design of light industry goods and products»;
    Section III «Engineering of technological processes»;
    Section IV. «Economics and business»;
    Section V. «Problems of the natural sciences»;
    Section VI. «Problems of socio-humanitarian, socio-political and pedagogical problems».