The scientific sphere is an important part of the national heritage and a fundamental source for the economic and social development of the country. Scientific potential largely determines a country’s place in the world community, prospects in competition in the foreign market, and opportunities in solving its internal problems.

Almaty Technological University is a modern educational, scientific and innovative center, a structural link of the country’s continuing education system, the largest university in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia for training highly qualified personnel and conducting research in the field of food and light industry, services and hospitality industry.

The expansion of fundamental and applied works, their full support and stimulation are one of the main directions of the university’s scientific policy, focused on the implementation of scientific and technical programs and projects of national importance, which are of priority importance for the region and the state.

The formation of scientific research directions at the university is conducted by the state strategy of industrial and innovative development of the country. The university has identified 7 main areas of scientific research:

  1. Advanced techniques and technologies for processing raw materials for the production of environmentally friendly food;
  2. Biotechnology and nanomaterials in the agro-industrial complex;
  3. Resource-saving, safe textile technologies for the production of new-generation products;
  4. Design concepts and methods of designing light industry products;
  5. Info communication management of technological processes;
  6. Sustainable development of domestic tourism;
  7. Innovative mechanisms for managing the economy of food, light industry, and hospitality enterprises.

Today Almaty Technological University has three research institutes, educational and scientific centers for processing meat, and milk, for the production of fermentation products, catering products, feed, grain mixtures, oils, and dietary supplements, a pasta and bread center, as well as a center for restaurant and hotel business. The functioning of educational and scientific centers allows for the training of highly qualified specialists and for conducting scientific research based on the integration of education, science, and production.

The University is actively working with enterprises to implement their developments on their basis. Currently, work is being carried out with such food and light industry enterprises as “Becker” LLP, “Efes Kazakhstan” LLP, “Carlsberg Kazakhstan” LLP, “Stella Alpina” LLP, “Shymkent-Kashmir” LLP, “Azala Textile” LLP, “Almaty-Nan” LLP, etc. In addition, there are orders from enterprises for the development of technologies.

An important role for the teaching staff, young scientists of the university, and at the same time for authors from third-party organizations of neighboring countries, is played by the scientific “Journal of Almaty Technological University”, which is included in the list of publications recommended by the Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for publishing the results of scientific activities in the areas of food, light and processing industry.

Thus, the research and innovation activities of ATU are one of the main activities of the university.

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