The team of the Almaty Technological University is glad to welcome you to our Website! We are rightly proud of its graduates, among them, state and public figures, heads of national and international companies, engineers and scientists. We value our relationship with you and are constantly looking for ways to maintain our fruitful contacts. We are very interested in cooperating with you for the sake of the prosperity and development of our university.

Today we begin a special work associated with the consolidation of the community of the university graduates, aimed at restoring the fullness of history graduates of all faculties of the university.
We welcome any information about you and your fellow students. We are interested in your opinion on the study in Almaty Technological University. We want to publish on the website your memories, photos and videos related with training at the university. We are ready to provide a place for communication. We intend to inform you about important events in the life of the University, meetings with interesting people, our education and opportunities to work with you in all areas. We are interested to know how was your life.
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