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The career center congratulates You on your graduation and suggests that you stay in touch with the University. We are ready to work with you on employment issues. If you are already employed, we wish you a successful career. If you have not yet found a job to your liking, let us know, we will inform You about the available vacancies in Your specialty.. The university successfully cooperates with public and private structures on employment issues, now young people can participate in the following active employment measures: short-term training, training in the basics of entrepreneurship “Жас кәсіпкер”, microcrediting for citizens under 29 years old, government grants, youth practice, public works.

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Employment and practice

Youth Practice: National Project on Entrepreneurship Development for 2021-2025.


It is designed specifically for unemployed graduates of universities and "Technical and vocational education" in their profession (specialty), who completed their studies during the previous 3 years, and are not older than 29 years.


The duration of youth practice is no more than 12 months. The amount of the subsidy per month is 40 MCI. At the initiative of the employer, in case of a vacancy and with the consent of the participant of the youth practice, employment for a permanent job is allowed.


Where to apply: to the employment center at the place of residence. What documents are needed: an identity document; a document confirming employment (if available), a copy of the diploma of education (certificate, certificate, diploma); a document on the availability of special knowledge or professional training (if available).

Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 1, 2021 No. 365 -


On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on education -


On education, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 27, 2007 No. 319-III. -


On approval of the Rules for sending a specialist to work, granting the right to self-employment, exemption from the obligation or termination of the obligation to work out by citizens who studied on the basis of a state educational order, and amendments and additions to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 23, 2008 No. 58 "On approval of the Rules for awarding an educational grant" -

Efes Kazakhstan occupies a leading position in the beer market of Kazakhstan. The company is part of the multinational beverage group Efes Beer Group, which consists of 34 companies specializing in the production and sale of beer and soft drinks in Turkey, Eastern Europe and CIS countries, as well as in the production of malt and hops. Efes Beer Group is a leader in the beer market in Turkey, and also has its own breweries in Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Efes Beer Group is one of the first investors in Kazakhstan. In 1997, Efes Beer Group privatized and then carried out a complete reconstruction of the Karaganda brewery “Kolos”, on the basis of which the Efes Kazakhstan company was created. At the moment, the company owns 3 breweries, two of them in the Almaty region and one in Karaganda. The company provides more than 900 jobs. The main factors of Efes Kazakhstan’s growth are investments in production, the introduction of modern brewing technologies, competent management of the brand portfolio, as well as a developed distribution system.

 «Kazlegprom-Almaty» LLP is a leading Kazakhstani manufacturer of clothing and footwear of European quality. It has been successfully operating on the market since 2011. The main range of products is men’s and women’s clothing and shoes for business and everyday looks, workwear and safety shoes, school uniforms and children’s shoes. QLP branded products combine style, comfort and quality. All products of the factory are certified, meet all established, including international, standards, are made on modern equipment only from high-quality natural materials.

The mission of Kazlegprom-Almaty LLP is to provide the light industry market of Kazakhstan with competitive clothing and footwear products of domestic production. The production capacity of the sewing and shoe factory allows to produce up to 1.5 million various garments and 500 thousand pairs of shoes per year. The production complex is located on 1 hectare with a total area of 12033.7 m2. The number of employees is more than 400 people.

The production is a modern modernized complex, where the most advanced technological solutions of sewing and shoe production are introduced. The factory’s equipment with modern and high-tech equipment from leading world manufacturers (Germany, Japan, USA) allows us to produce large volumes of products at a high level of quality in the shortest possible time. Sewing and shoe factory since 2013 implemented and certified the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the ST RK ISO 9001-2009 “Quality Management System” and the ST RK ISO 14001-2006 “Environmental management System”. The factory has a certificate of ST-KZ for the entire range of products, where the share of Kazakhstani content is 52-84%.

«EFKO ALMATY» LLP is one of the largest fat–and-oil enterprises in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is part of the EFKO International Group of Companies. EFKO Group of Companies is the leader of the oil and fat industry in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, is one of the three largest companies in the agro–industrial complex of Russia and ranks 8th in the list of the largest companies in terms of sales of products in the food industry. By the end of 2014, the Group was among the 100 largest private companies in Russia according to Forbes.

Thanks to the modernization of production and the new technologies introduced over the past few months, the company has established the production of high-quality fat-and-oil products based on deep processing of local raw materials. The company was not only able to cover the internal needs of the republic, but also began to supply Kazakh products for export. EFKO ALMATY LLP is an anchor company for the implementation of a project to create a unique fat-and-oil cluster with a vertically integrated business model on the territory of the Republic: “from the field” to the “end product”.

More than 750 jobs have been created, of which more than 580 are for highly qualified production personnel.

The hotel «Kazakhstan» is a unique historical monument of the metropolis of Almaty, the heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan. An example of monumental, reliable Soviet architecture. The construction of the first skyscraper in earthquake-prone Alma-Ata was completed in 1977. Without begging for the merits of the new structures, the architects of Almaty unconditionally admit: today the Hotel «Kazakhstan» remains the most earthquake-resistant and high-rise building in the Southern capital.

Despite its impressive size, the 102-meter building of the hotel, crowned with a golden crown, looks light and elegant.

The staff of the hotel “Kazakhstan” has always been very sensitive to their guests. That is why it has become almost a home for many pop and sports stars.

Kazakhstan Tourism Association (KTA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, republican industry association. The KTA includes the Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAGiR), tourist, insurance and airlines, universities and mass media. It was founded in May 1999 with the support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a republican industry association, which is engaged in the development and promotion of the tourism industry of Kazakhstan.

Some of the main goals of KTA:

  • Promotion of a tourist product on the world stage
  • Formation of a positive tourist image of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Creation of a modern system and professional development of personnel
  • Coordination of the activities of the Association members
  • Participation in the development of tourism development programs
  • Promotion of ecotourism as the main tourist product

LLP “Bakery combine “Aksai” is one of the largest modern bakery enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1987. KHBK Aksai LLP produces more than 150 tons of products daily, provides jobs for more than 1,000 people. Thanks to skilful management, close-knit work of the team, highly qualified specialists, the company still confidently occupies the position of a leader in the grain market.

LLP “Bakery combine “Aksai” implements effective measures to maintain communication with consumers through regular participation in exhibitions, PR campaigns, actively supports social programs aimed at the development of culture, education and sports. The company has established continuous communication with consumers, through which they have the opportunity to get “first-hand” information about the recipe, calorie content and useful properties of products, can express their comments and suggestions.

The company has an integrated management system developed on the basis of ISO 9001 international standards and HACCP principles. The technological laboratory, equipped with modern equipment, carries out strict control over the quality and safety of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Considerable attention is paid to the renovation of industrial, household and administrative premises, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. All finished products of the plant systematically undergo the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with the est ablished procedure.

JSC «Rahat» is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in Kazakhstan, leading its history for 75 years.

The first confectionery production was organized in 1942 on the premises of a distillery, on equipment evacuated during the war from Moscow and Kharkov. Rakhat JSC employs about 4,500 people.

Rakhat JSC is the only confectionery enterprise in Kazakhstan that has mastered the production of special products for people suffering from diabetes. This range includes several types of chocolate, sweets, cookies and waffles with reduced calorie content and sugar replacement with equivalent natural raw materials.

The company has organized and operates an internal quality system based on a single responsibility and a comprehensive quality control system. This system includes quality control of raw materials and products at each stage of production. The company has implemented and certified a quality management system since 2013.

Currently, the products of RAKHAT JSC are not only on the Kazakh market, but also far beyond the borders of the republic – on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Germany, China, Afghanistan, Mongolia. In the future, due to the interest in the products of Rakhat JSC from other CIS republics and far abroad, the company plans to increase production volumes and expand sales markets by increasing export volumes.

The Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan is a non–profit organization formed on the initiative of the leading operators of the food industry market of Kazakhstan in 1997. Its purpose is to promote entrepreneurship in the field of food, protect the interests of domestic producers of the country’s food and processing industry, participate in legislative activities, strengthen business ties with foreign partners.

The Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan unites more than 50 firms, joint-stock companies, companies, research organizations, educational institutions (lyceums, colleges and higher educational institutions), design organizations.

The close interaction of the members of the Union and the constant exchange of views within its framework allow us to see the full range of problems that Kazakh producers have and direct efforts to solve them.

CCI is one of the key bottler partners in the Coca‑Cola system. CCI produces and sells carbonated and non‑carbonated Coca-Cola beverages in countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

The company unites more than 8,500 people in 26 factories, offering a wide range of soft drinks to a population of 400 million people. In addition to carbonated drinks, the product line also includes juices, water, sports and energy drinks, teas and iced tea.

CCI started its activity in Kazakhstan in 1994 and became one of the first foreign investors in the country. During this time, the Company has invested in the construction of 2 factories in the cities of Nur‑Sultan and Almaty, which produce the entire product line of soft drinks of the Company. Today, CSI Kazakhstan is a team of more than 700 people.

Danone is a company engaged in the wholesale trade of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats. Danone was founded in 2007. The share of Danone in the production of dairy products in the world market is 12%.

The company is engaged in the production of products in 4 directions:

  • fresh dairy products;
  • nutrition for children of the first days of life;
  • specialized nutrition;
  • bottled water.

Danone Berkut is the first Danone plant in Kazakhstan with a production capacity of 24 thousand tons of dairy products. Danone Berkut provides support to Kazakhstani suppliers. The company cooperates with 2.3 thousand suppliers, 1.8 thousand of them are Kazakhstani companies, including dozens of farms. Danone company exports products to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

Awards: Danone Berkut received the second place in the regional competition “The best product of Kazakhstan”.

Becker & K. is one of the leading companies in the production of meat, bakery, flour confectionery, culinary products and frozen semi—finished products. The company in the form of a limited liability partnership “BECKER and K” was established in early 1991.

The sausage shop was opened in 1996, meat processing production is the main activity of BECKER & K LLP. About 10 tons of meat products are produced daily from pork, horse meat, beef, lamb and poultry. The range of products includes more than 130 items. Meat raw materials are purchased from farms in Kazakhstan.

In 2006, a cookery was opened. Currently, the range of cooking includes cold and hot snacks, a variety of salads, pickled vegetables, pies, pies, rolls, etc. 1.7 tons of finished products are produced per day. The sale of BECKER & K’s own products is carried out through the German Yard LLP, established in 2005, which includes a network of branded supermarkets and retail outlets, a restaurant business.

At the moment, the Company has its own retail network consisting of 14 supermarkets, as well as 18 branded outlets.

JSC «Bacchus» in 2006-2007 received the quality certificate of MS ISO 9001 and MS ISO 22000. Bacchus became the first in the CIS to be awarded this international standard for the food safety management system.

In 2010, new brands were released to the market of Kazakhstan: cognac «Bacchus Kazakhstan», «Bacchus VS» three-star cognac «Kazakhstan Export» and brandy «Darmen».

Having laid down quality standards seventy years ago, they are constantly growing — now there are 81 awards in the piggy bank of Bacchus, including 63 international ones. Their products are No. 1 in the country and today it is difficult to imagine a Kazakh feast without «Bacchus».

RG BRANDS is a leading beverage company. RG Brands brands are known to millions of consumers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Three modern production sites with a total capacity of 1 billion liters per year, its own sales and distribution platform with a high share of direct sales provide access to products to millions of consumers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

The history of RG Brands originated in 1994, when the company began its activities as a distributor of imported consumer goods of well-known international brands, laying the foundation for its development of a wide distribution network. In 1999, Kazakhstanis got acquainted with the first products of RG Brands — Da-Da juices. The company signed a contract with PepsiCo and became the exclusive bottler of the world-famous Pepsi brand with the opportunity to introduce world quality standards in Kazakhstan for all products manufactured by RG Brands. Over the next 10 years, the company dynamically developed and launched brands, each of which took a leading position in its segment:

  • Tea «Piala Gold» (2000)
  • Milk «Moe» (2004)
  • Nectar «Sunny» (2005)
  • Iced tea «Lipton» (2006)
  • Chips «Grizzly» (2007)

In 2009, RG Brands opened the largest plant in Central Asia «Aksengir» with modern production lines for the production of juices, nectars, carbonated drinks and water, allowing to increase production volumes in accordance with the growing demand.

  • Yeti energy drink, DaDaDay refreshing drink and A’SU water (2010)
  • Iced tea with fruit juice «Piala Ice Tea» (2015)
  • Lemonade «Sunny» (2017)

The municipal state institution “Employment Center of the Almaty City Akimat” of the Almaty City Social Welfare Department was established by the decree of the city Akimat No. 2/400 dated June 24, 2011. The Employment Center of Almaty city is a structural subdivision of the Social Welfare Department of Almaty city.

The Employment Center of Almaty provides the following services: For citizens: – registration of applicants as job seekers and unemployed; – search for a suitable job and assistance in finding employment; – referral for short-term vocational training; – professional orientation; – referral to social jobs, community service, youth practice (temporary jobs); – provision of consultations on micro-loans; – assistance to the voluntary relocation of persons to increase the mobility of the workforce; – provision of targeted social assistance. For employers: assistance in the selection of necessary employees; subsidizing part of wages when creating new jobs.

In accordance with the order of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 30, 2017 No. 184, the city of Almaty is included in the pilot project for the transformation of employment centers.

«The Oil Insurance Company» Insurance Company was established in 1996. The founders’ plans were to create a strong, dynamic company.

JSC «The Oil Insurance Company» has been confidently holding leading positions in key areas of insurance for many years, thanks to a strong strategy, high standards and competent managers. This was appreciated not only by our partners who cooperate with NSK from year to year, but also by independent experts who highly appreciate the level of the company.

The company’s mission is to provide a range of insurance services at the level of international standards in order to protect the interests of companies and individuals. The staff of JSC «The Oil Insurance Company» employs about 800 employees and more than 1400 insurance agents. 17 branches in 15 cities of Kazakhstan.

The company constantly conducts continuous work on the formation of a personnel reserve for managerial and administrative positions from among the specialists of JSC «The Oil Insurance Company», motivated for career growth, with a high level of development of professional skills and managerial competencies.

ENDEAVOUR LLP is a high–tech manufacturing company for mass tailoring of corporate clothing, founded in 2005. The company’s products are manufactured using advanced Juki sewing and embroidery equipment, which ensures compliance with international quality standards at high sewing speed. 

To date, they have a production area of 450 sq. m., which includes: a cutting shop, a sewing workshop of 3 ducts, embroidery, printing areas, a workshop of the WTO, packaging and labeling. As direct importers of raw materials from manufacturers from Turkey and Russia, we maintain permanent stocks of at least 30 tons for uninterrupted production. The total staff of the company is up to 100 people. The company’s mission is to produce clothing that unites teams.

ForteBank is a Kazakhstani private bank, one of the five largest banks in Kazakhstan. The head office is located in the capital Nur-Sultan, the branch network throughout Kazakhstan includes 20 branches and 100 branches in 34 cities and towns. ForteBank, in its current form, appeared on February 10, 2015 as a result of the merger of three banks — ForteBank, Alliance Bank and Temirbank.

ForteBank is a universal bank with a focus on retail banking, serving both individuals and legal entities.

There is a division into brands within the bank:

  • ForteBank is a bank for individuals. It offers debit cards, credit cards, loans, deposits to customers.
  • ForteBusiness is a bank for legal entities. Offers clients corporate cards, accounts, loans, deposits.
  • ForteMarket is a marketplace through which Kazakhstani stores can sell their goods.
  • ForteTravel is a travel service for buying tours, air and railway tickets, and car rentals.
  • ForteMobile is a mobile communication launched in partnership with the mobile operator Beeline Kazakhstan.

Bank RBK is a Kazakhstani retail bank. The head office is located in Alma-Ata. As of June 30, 2018, it has 10 regional branches. In 1991, the private bank “Meken” was established in the city of Temirtau. In 1996, the bank “Meken” was renamed “Alash-Bank”. In 2005, Alash-Bank was renamed Kazincombank JSC. On September 29, 2011, Kazincombank JSC was renamed Bank RBK JSC.

In 2011, the bank together with the leading media launched a special project “Rich Past”, the purpose of which was to collect and publish stories of ordinary citizens of Kazakhstan. In 2016, the bank initiated a project on artistic dubbing of Hollywood films into Kazakh. In 2016, the bank sponsored the Almaty football club “Kairat”.

The GLASMAN Group of Companies is a brand with a rich history. For 18 years of work in Kazakhstan and Russia, GLASMAN has been recognized by men, creating high-quality and comfortable clothes for business and leisure. Coming to the GLASMAN brand store, a man will be able to fully form his style, pick up a wardrobe entirely from underwear to outerwear to feel comfortable both in the office and on vacation.

The brand ‘s collections are divided into three styles:

  • CEREMONIA is a solemn, elegant style for important events in a man’s life;
  • CLASSIC — elegant, business style is characterized by laconic lines, restraint, traditional choice of colors and fabrics;
  • SMART CASUAL — stylish casual clothing allows you to feel comfortable all day long, both at work and after it.

GLASMAN collections are developed jointly with German designers, and models and patterns are adapted to the features of the figure of Kazakh and Russian men. GLASMAN clothing is created taking into account the latest fashion trends, using high-tech materials and accessories in modern production facilities.

Natural materials, natural dyes, eco-friendly methods of processing fabrics and finished products are used in the creation of collections. Before going on sale, the company’s specialists carry out 100% quality control of products.

Carlsberg Kazakhstan: Founded in 1847 by brewer Jacob Christian Jacobsen, Carlsberg Group is one of the leading beer companies in the world, which has a large basket of beer brands and other beverages.

The main brand -Carlsberg -is one of the most famous beer brands in the world, and Baltika, Carlsberg and Tuborg are among the eight largest European brands. Carlsberg Group employs more than 41,000 people, and its products are represented in more than 150 markets.

The company, founded in 1998 under the name “Ak Nar”, was subsequently reorganized together with the Irbis plant and opened its doors as the Derbes company. Since 2008, he has been a member of the international company “Carlsberg Group”, which is the third largest beer company in the world.

The Carlsberg Kazakhstan plant is currently:

  • Equipped with modern European equipment;
  • Production capacity-produces more than 2.3 million beers per year;
  • The best workers and professionals of the brewing business work;
  • The product quality is impeccable.

Carlsberg Kazakhstan’s priority is high quality products in accordance with all international standards. The company’s brands have won prestigious international prizes at beer competitions and festivals in Belgium, England, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Russia for their quality and taste characteristics.

NAZIK LLP is the largest manufacturer of confectionery and culinary products in the market of Kazakhstan.

The history of the company began in 1991 with the opening of a confectionery production of 5 people. Recipes have been developed based on the principles of homemade baking, which has an excellent taste. Following the confectionery shop, meat processing and culinary workshops were opened. In parallel, a network of branded stores and cafes was created.

The main advantage of “NAZIK” products is unique and traditional recipes, the use of high—quality raw materials, modern equipment, highly qualified personnel.

The meat processing workshop of the company “NAZIK & K” produces high-quality sausage products and meat delicacies. The quality of products is ensured through the use of chilled meat raw materials, which are supplied from farms and undergo strict veterinary control. The company uses only 100% natural spices supplied from Germany.

The company “FoodMaster” is one of the leaders in the production of dairy products in the market of Kazakhstan and produces a large list of products: kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt Dolce, yogurt BIO-With Imun+ and many others. Currently, the company’s factories produce more than 100 types of dairy products.

In 1995, the company “FoodMaster – Almaty” bought the plant in the city of Esik and released the first Kazakhstani yogurt. In 1998, the company became a part of the cheese factory “FoodMaster – Shymkent”. In 1999, the Almaty region had its own dairy farm “FoodMaster – Agro”. The beginning of the development of the distribution network in Kazakhstan in 2005.

By becoming an employee of FoodMaster, you will become part of a large international group of Lactalis companies. Today, the Lactalis team consists of more than 85,000 employees in 94 countries around the world. Lactalis today is a joint success of employees around the world who share the desire to grow together and pass on unique experience in the dairy industry. The Lactalis Group is a responsible employer that supports international employment standards at the local level. All conditions for professional development and career growth have been created for each employee both in Lactalis Kazakhstan and in the international divisions of the Lactalis Group of companies.

GALANZ bottlers is one of the leaders in the production of soft drinks in Kazakhstan, which traces its history back to 1998. JSC “GALANZ bottlers” is distinguished by wide sales opportunities (80% of the territory of Kazakhstan) and modern production according to international standards. The main growth potential lies in the development of bottled water and carbonated drinks markets, expansion of production capacities and improvement of the demand and sales planning process.

GALANZ bottlers is a team of professionals, educated, confident and out–of-the-box thinking specialists with a creative approach to solving tasks. Our company strives to occupy only leading positions in the market. We work to be the best in terms of the quality of our products and the level of service.

Today, using modern technologies, the company produces the following types of products:

  • cold tea “Maxi tea”;
  • juice “Birch Juice”;
  • juice drinks “Dellos”;
  • non-carbonated juice drink with aloe pulp “Daily fresh”;
  • carbonated drink “Laimon Fresh”;
  • kvass “First-class”;
  • drinking water “Sevens”;
  • energy drink “Jaguar”.

LLP “BIJAN Meat Processing Plant” for the production of sausage products and meat delicacies was founded in October 1998. To date, the company produces more than 80 types of high-quality sausages, these are raw smoked, boiled-smoked, boiled products, meat delicacies and national horse meat products, in addition, it offers consumers fresh meat.

The company uses equipment of German, Swiss and Italian production that meets international quality standards, the entire technological process is controlled by a new generation of software, which minimizes defects, increases productivity and automates the production cycle.

In the manufacturing industry, the company has achieved the greatest success in the production of Premium sausages and branded smoked products. They are distinguished by excellent taste and high quality, while affordable. All products are prepared with strict observance of all technologies.

High social guidelines in the field of wages and labor motivation, creates the safest and most comfortable working conditions for its employees. Every year our colleagues improve their professional level in special classes, attend international seminars, and also participate in congresses, forums and exhibitions of the meat industry in Kazakhstan and abroad to improve the quality and satisfy the refined taste of the buyer.

Firm Kaz Centre LLP has been working in the light industry market of the Republic for more than 12 years. The company’s field of activity:

  • development of corporate clothing style;
  • design developments;
  • tailoring of uniforms, special clothing for corporate clients (banks, industrial enterprises, construction organizations, security structures, national companies, etc.).

During the company’s activity, a new uniform has been developed for the following major customers:

  • Ministry OF Internal Affairs OF THE Republic OF Kazakhstan
  • Special forces “Sunkar” and “Orlan”
  • JSC “Specialized security unit “Kuzet”
  • JSC “People’s Bank of Kazakhstan”
  • shopping mall “Mega Center” in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Shymkent
  • The State Emergency Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Disaster Medicine Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • JSC “Almaty International Airport” Aktau
  • Seaport
  • JSC “Kazpost”

The company has its own production facilities, modern equipment, an experimental workshop, an art workshop, a design department, and a marketing service. All units are staffed with qualified personnel.

The company “Salon of exclusive hats “Elegant”, specializes in the production of hats, creates exclusive hats made of velour, felt, leather, fur, straw, etc. materials. Our own staff of designers and constructors creates original models developed taking into account modern fashion trends. Each model is brought to perfection before going on sale.

A woman of any age, with any type of face and style of clothing will find her unique and inimitable headdress in the products of the Elegant brand. The author’s handmade decoration will emphasize your individuality. You will want not only to wear, but also to show off the Elegant hat to others.

The company “Salon of Exclusive Elegant Hats” LLP has been operating in the service market since 1999. Prior to this period, the staff of the company was part of the experimental workshop of the Almaty headwear factory. Being the founder of the headwear fashion industry in Kazakhstan, in which it still holds a leading position, SES “EleGant” creates products that meet international standards in the field of modeling, and at the same time reflect the national flavor of Kazakhstan. Each product is unique, has high quality and is accompanied by an original design.

Universal Advertising LLP has been on the manufacturers’ market since 1995. The company owns three production complexes in Kazakhstan, Russia and China. The total area of production facilities is more than 30 thousand sq.m. The company employs more than 1,000 employees.

The company provides production services:

  • commercial equipment of any complexity
  • any products made of plastic, metal, etc.
  • uniforms, special clothing, flags with State symbols
  • production of sports grounds and equipment
  • all types of printing on any materials
  • provision of outdoor advertising
  • maintenance, logistics and delivery
  • storage of finished products

JSC KASPI.KZ is a Kazakhstani technology company, which includes “Kaspi Store” LLP, “Kaspi Bank” JSC, “Kaspi Pay” LLP and “Kaspi Travel” LLP. KASPI.KZ combines online payment and P2P transfer services, personal funds management and online shopping with delivery in a mobile superapplication. The company operates on three platforms — payments, marketplace and fintech.

On November 15, 2008, as a result of the rebranding, JSC “Bank of the Caspian” changed its name to JSC “Kaspi Bank”.

On September 16, 2015, based on the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 166 dated September 16, 2015, the joint-stock company “kaspi” was granted consent to acquire the status of a bank holding company (indirect) joint-stock company “KASPI Bank”.

Bank CenterCredit Joint Stock Company was established on September 19, 1988 and is one of the first commercial banks in Kazakhstan.

Today, the Bank has its own wide branch network in the republic, serves individuals and legal entities in 19 branches and more than 130 branches in Kazakhstan. The Bank’s clients are more than 2 million individuals and more than 110 thousand legal entities. The bank’s correspondent network includes about 40 foreign banks, which allows you to make settlements with your partners around the world.

The Bank pays special attention to innovation and convenience, so that each category of customers has its own unique product and can use banking services as comfortably as possible. BCC actively participates in all government programs to support entrepreneurship, has been repeatedly recognized by the expert community as the best bank for SMEs in Kazakhstan.

Strategic vision of the Bank:

  • A high-tech bank with high-quality service
  • Universal Bank with a focus on retail business and SMEs
  • Sustainable growth with manageable risk and target profitability
  • Modern HR Culture

The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition was founded in 1974 as the Kazakh branch of the Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (AMS of the USSR) for the formation of state policy in the field of nutrition and food security of the country; development of fundamental and applied biomedical research in the field of nutrition and prevention of common forms of food deficiency; development of sanitary norms and standards, ensuring the quality and safety of food; improving the promotion of healthy nutrition; training specialists in nutrition and dietetics; implementation of advisory and methodological assistance to Central Asian countries on rationalization of nutrition of various population groups; as well as establishment of cooperation in the field of nutrition with international organizations.

The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition investigates and identifies the most significant nutrition problems for public health, suggests optimal ways to solve them to relevant government structures, organizations and enterprises, including non-governmental organizations, develops a national policy, program and action plan to rationalize the nutrition of the population and prevent alimentary-dependent diseases in Kazakhstan and assists in solving these problems in the countries of the region with identical economic development. One of the prerequisites for the sustainable development of healthcare is the successful solution of the most pressing nutrition problems.

The work of the The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition is aimed at the future, where the development of the individual and the nation, social and economic progress take place in conditions most conducive to human health, in strengthening which rational and safe nutrition is a key determinant.

The QAGANAT canteen chain was founded in 1996. Today, QAGANAT is a dynamically developing company that has established itself as a cozy place where you can quickly and deliciously eat at an affordable price!

27 QAGANAT canteens are already successfully operating in the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Karaganda. The concept of QAGANAT canteens is distinguished by a bright and recognizable logo, a thoughtful menu, and a huge selection of dishes from high-quality and fresh products.

QAGANAT can organize field service, banquets, corporate events, private celebrations of any complexity and format. Chefs are always happy to help in providing quality service. Individual approach to each order!

The company “Karina TRADING” is a leading enterprise in Kazakhstan and Central Asia in the production of sanitary products.  Karina TRADING LLP has reached a fundamentally new level in the production of high-quality and in-demand products. Imported equipment, investments in production, expansion of the assortment, a stable sales network, dynamic development and, of course, the well—coordinated work of a team of like-minded people – all this makes it possible to produce high-quality products, constantly expand our presence in the market and look to the future with confidence. Thanks to the new packaging design, bright and easily recognizable products are quite popular. Decent quality and compliance with the requirements of the modern market make it even more attractive. Modern technologies created at the factory for the production of a range of protected products, professionally trained personnel, an efficient quality management system allow us to produce high-quality goods for the mass consumer.

The successful work of the company in the field of quality was marked by the receipt in September 2006. The certificate of conformity of the quality management system to the requirements of the ST RK ISO 9001-2001 and the victory in the republican festivals “Choice of the year – 2006”, “Choice of the year – 2007” in the nomination “Pulp and paper sanitary products No. 1 in Kazakhstan”.

In March 2010, Karina TRADING LLP was awarded the quality mark “FLAWLESSLY”.

Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding is one of the leading and significant enterprises of the food industry of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, the recognized leader of the republic among producers of fat and oil products that meet the highest international standards, with a production volume of more than 150,000 tons per year.

Eurasian Foods Corporation owns the most popular and recognized brands in Kazakhstan:

  • “3 wishes”;
  • “Golden Mountains”;
  • “Masterpiece”;
  • The “gold standard”.

In general, the holding “Eurasian Foods Corporation” presents an assortment of more than 250 types of products: margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and seasonings, vegetable oil, natural butter and spreads, dairy products and cheeses, as well as a line of specialized margarine and fats for industrial processing.

The main principles of the Eurasian Foods Corporation holding are the continuous improvement of product quality, focused on consumer preferences, and ensuring the safety of its production.

The holding company “Eurasian Foods Corporation” provides jobs for 3,550 people. The company pays special attention to the professional training of personnel. In order to improve the skills of employees in accordance with the specifics of the work, trainings, seminars and training are regularly held both in Kazakhstan and abroad. The company’s employees annually undergo professional certification. The exchange of experience with specialists from leading European manufacturers allows the company to be on par with the world leaders in the production of fat and oil products. – this is a modern space that combines new digital technologies, the most fashionable gadgets and innovative electronics products. There are retail stores in every region and in every corner of the country. works with corporate clients, and through the online store you can order any equipment with home delivery. – this is:

  • 116 stores and 1,200 employees across Kazakhstan
  • An online store that is among the top 15 largest trading platforms in the country
  • 25 years of experience and expertise in electronics retail for employees is:

  • transparent career and professional growth
  • corporate training
  • encouragement and recognition of the best employees
  • corporate traditions and events

Training at Alser takes place continuously, studying at the Alser Academy is easy and interesting, a lot of gamification has been created for this, passing through the stages of the game, employees gain valuable knowledge.

Basilic is a place where you can have a delicious meal and have a good time, while spending some money. We have a pleasant atmosphere and a modern design interior. The design is dominated by natural materials — wood and greenery. In Basilic canteens, waiters receive special training. Basilic customers, just like in a cafe, choose a table, they are provided with a menu. The waiter accepts the order via a smartphone with a separate application. The order is immediately delivered to the kitchen. This reduces the waiting time for the dish.

One of the priorities is the quality of food on each plate. The menu contains dishes from various cuisines of the world — we introduce guests to the food traditions of different countries. Azerbaijani, Japanese dishes, standard European dishes, as well as Tashkent pilaf are popular. For example, chefs specially went to Tashkent for training, where they learned how to cook the most delicious pilaf.

On April 29, 2022, the annual job fair “Choose your path!” was held at Almaty Technological University. Information support: The fair is one of the most effective forms of cooperation between the university and employers. The opportunity to choose the most suitable young specialist in advance allows the employer to comprehensively assess his potential before giving him a job. Students, in turn, will learn about the demand for their chosen specialty in the labor market, about vacancies that employers are ready to provide this year.

This year, 36 companies of various profiles have become participants of the Fair (over 300 vacancies are presented):

  • «Shin-Line» LLP
  • «Karina Paper» LLP
  • «Otbasy bank» JSC
  • Branch of JSC «LOK» Ok-Zhetpes» «Almaty»
  • «Evotek Central Asia» LLP
  • «KazFoodProducts» LLP
  • Personnel holding «Elite»
  • «Eurasian Bank» JSC
  • «Oil Insurance Company» JSC
  • Hotel «Kazakhstan»
  • Basilic – territory of delicious food
  • «Ellis» LLP
  • «BECKER & K» LLP
  • Aksengir Branch LLP «RG Brands Kazakhstan»
  • CCI Kazakhstan
  • «Salon of exclusive EleGant hats» LLP
  • «Eurasia Foods Corporation» JSC
  • The Center «Promotion of Sustainable Development»
  • «KazLegProm-Almaty» LLP
  • Central City Properties Hotel «Rahat Palace Hotel» LLP
  • «EFKO Almaty» LLP
  • «Sanatorium Koktem» JSC
  • «College Adilet» LLP
  • OBIS Company LLP
  • Employment Center of the Akimat of Almaty
  • «GALANZ bottlers» JSC
  • CIS Market LLP
  • Karaoke bar «Hot2Be»
For employers

• 6В02101, 5В042100 - «Design»
• 6B04101, 5В050600 - «Economy»
• 6B04102, 5В050700 - «Management»
• 6B04103, 5В051000 - «State and local government»
• 6B04105, 5В050800 - «Accounting and Auditing»
• 6B04106, 5В050900 - «Finance»
• 6B05101, 5В070100 - «Biotechnology»
• 6B05201, 5В060800 - «Ecology»
• 6B06101, 5В070300 - «Information Systems»
• 6B06102, 5В070400 - «Computing technology and software»
• 6B06103 - «Software Engineering»
• 6B07101, 5В072100 - «Chemical technology of organic substances»
• 6B07103, 5В070200 - «Automation and control»
• 6B07104 - «Robots and robotic systems»
• 6B07105, 5В072400 - «Technological machines and equipment (by industry)»
• 6B07106 - «Refrigerating machines and conditioning systems »
• 6B07107 - «Light industry machines and apparatuses»
• 6В07201, 5В072700 - «Technology of food products»
• 6В07202, 5В072800 - «Technology of processing productions (by industry)»
• 6В07204, 5В072600 - «Technology and design of products of light industry»
• 6В07205, 5В073300 - «Technology and design of textile materials»
• 6В07501, 5В073200 - «Standardization, certification and metrology»
• 6В08201, 5В080200 - «Livestock production technology»
• 6B11101, 5В090200 - «Tourism»
• 6B11102, 5В091200 - «Restaurant business and hotel business»

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