Dear graduate of the JSC «ATU»!

The career center congratulates You on your graduation and suggests that you stay in touch with the University. We are ready to work with you on employment issues. If you are already employed, we wish you a successful career. If you have not yet found a job to your liking, let us know, we will inform You about the available vacancies in Your specialty.. The university successfully cooperates with public and private structures on employment issues, now young people can participate in the following active employment measures: short-term training, training in the basics of entrepreneurship “Жас кәсіпкер”, microcrediting for citizens under 29 years old, government grants, youth practice, public works.

We ask you to fill out a short questionnaire and send the completed form to e-mail.address

We remind you that THE JSC «ATU» has an alumni Association, you can register on the JSC «ATU» website at the link Graduate questionnaire membership is free, the task of the Association is to maintain contacts with graduates of different years for the development and strengthening of the professional community.

We are always glad to see You in the career Center of JSC «ATU» at the address: Tole bi, 100/1, SSC cab.4, tel. 293 52 88 (ext.250).

For students and graduates
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5B070200: Automation and control
5B070100: Biotechnology
5B070400: Computing technology and software
5B051000: State and local government
5B042100: Design
5B070300: Information Systems
5B080200: Management
5B012000: Professional training
5B091200: Restaurant business and hotel business
5B073200: Standardization, certification and metrology
5B072400: Technological machines and equipment (by industry)
5B072600: Technology and design of products of light industry
5B073300: Technology and design of textile materials
5B072800: Technology of processing productions (by industry)
5B072700: Technology of food products
5B080200: Livestock production technology
5B090200: Tourism
5B050800: Accounting and Auditing
5B050900: Finance
5B072100: Chemical technology of organic substances
5B050600: Economy

  • Dzhapabayeva Gulzhan Kairatovna
    Head of the EMM Career Center
  • Mendiyarova Railya Ernstovna
    Leading specialist of postdiplom support of the EMM Career Center
  • Нуриахмет Ақниет Кеңесқызы
    EMM Career Center Employment Specialist

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