Competition for the best digital educational resource and mass open online course of ATU!

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the Competition for the best digital educational resource and mass open online course in 2020!

The competition is held in acDERdance with the order of the rector No. 61-AHZ dated 20.04.2020. “On organizing and conducting a competition for the best digital educational resource and mass open online course of ATU”.

Full-time teachers of ATU or teaching teams headed by full-time teachers of ATU are invited to participate in the competition. The number of members of the teaching staff (including the head of the team) should not exceed 3 people. The author can only be specified in one application.

Mandatory conditions for participation in the competition:

• The digital educational resource must be placed on the platform, a massive open online course on the platform

* Digital educational resource(DER), mass open online course (MOOK) must pass a preliminary examination at the Department. An extract from the Protocol of the Department with a reasoned decision is attached to the submitted DER and MOOKs. From the Department, you must submit at least three selected DER, MOOKS.

• According to the decision of the faculty, at least two DER and MOOKs must be selected. An extract from the minutes of the faculty meeting with a reasoned decision is attached to the submitted DER and MOOK.

* DER, MOOK must be implemented in the educational process; the number of students enrolled in the course (trainees) – at least 3 people.

The center for innovative educational technologies has developed criteria for evaluating this year’s competition materials, which will be recommended to the Competition Commission during the selection stage of the received applications.

Criteria for evaluating competitive materials:

1. The availability of copyright content.
2. Ease of use of training materials: transparency of navigation on the course, support of course elements with methodological recommendations for their use, the feasibility of referring to individual elements of the course.
3. Organization of interaction between the teacher and students: implementation of the proposed tasks by the course users during the reporting period, assessment of the results of students ‘ work by the course teacher, active support of forums and other feedback elements. Use of the rating sheet, and implementation of the point-rating system by means of the DER, MOOK.
4. Aesthetic design of materials, the absence of errors and typos in the design of the DER, MOOK.

* Bonus points are awarded by the Competition Commission for innovation and original use of the elements of the DER, MOOK, as well as the implementation of certain forms and methods of distance learning (“inverted class”, project method, webinars, etc.).

The contest and its results will be covered on the University’s website and in the news feed

To participate in the Competition applicants submit the following documented information to the Competition Commission:

1. extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Department, faculty with a reasoned decision.

Applicants may be banned from participating in the Competition if they are found to have provided false information. MOOKs that have previously won prizes are not considered at the Competition.

Terms of the Competition:

1. stage: acceptance of applications – from 20 to 22 April 2020;
2. stage: work of the competition Commission – from 23 to 24 April 2020;
3. stage: summing up-from 27 to 28 April 2020.

All participants receive a certificate of participation. The winners of the competition are awarded with diplomas of I, II and III degrees, and also get the opportunity to place MOOKs on the platform of the National open education of Kazakhstan.

For all questions related to the registration of applications, contact the e-learning Department, e-mail: