Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the educational process: benefits for students

Education becomes more accessible and fun with massive open online courses!

Today we want to share with you the huge benefits that MOOCs bring to students, especially when using educational platforms.

Coursera is the world leader in online education.

Let’s explore why Coursera is not just an educational resource, but a real opportunity to change education and career.

Flexibility in learning: Coursera allows you to choose courses that suit your interests and schedule.

Courses from Top Universities: Coursera has partnered with over 200 top universities around the world.

Wide Variety of Subjects: Coursera offers courses on just about every subject, from IT to the arts and humanities.

Certificates and Diplomas: By completing courses on Coursera, you receive official certificates and you can even earn online diplomas from top universities that are recognized by employers around the world.

Global student community: You become part of a global community of students and experts that expands your horizons and allows you to share knowledge and experience.

And that is not all! On the educational platform of JSC “ATU” you can also get the opportunity for additional training.

Education becomes more accessible than ever!

The educational platform of ATU JSC provides access to more than 180 courses on current educational programs, which gives you a unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and skills under the guidance of leading teachers. The university platform provides access to high-quality education and promotes your professional growth.

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of this opportunity!