ATU has signed a memorandum with one of the leading European research institutes EURISPES

Almaty Technological University has signed a memorandum with one of the leading European research institutes EURISPES.

The EURISPES Institute for Political, Social and Economic Studies (ISPES until January 1993), chaired by Prof. Gian Maria Fara, is a private research institute operating in Italy since 1982 in the field of political, economic and social studies.

In almost 35 years of activity, the Institute has consolidated its leading position in the research system in Italy, becoming one of the most influential agents of cultural influence for the institutional, political, economic and media world, and a think tank with a proven authority in shaping public opinion, as well as interested in analysis and understanding the socio-economic and political dynamics in Italy.

EURISPES has carried out 900 research papers during its thirty years of activity. The Institute’s media coverage and activities include over 150,000 articles and publications, including national and international radio and television broadcasts.

The working activities for the implementation of the memorandum, as well as all areas of international cooperation, are under the leadership of the Secretary General of the Institute, prof. Marco Riccieri, expert in social and employment policy.

This event was noted by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Italy, Mr. Yerbolat Sembaev, who conveyed his best wishes and heartfelt congratulations in connection with the signing of the memorandum between the EURISPES Institute and the Almaty Technological University (ATU). He also noted that this is a great achievement in relations between Kazakhstan and Italy.

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