Dear Colleagues!

Dear Colleagues! We would like to invite you to take part in the work of the International scientific and practical conference “Modern trends in the development of chemical technology and engineering in the food and light industry”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Academician of NAS RK Kulazhanov Kuralbek Sadibayevich which will be held on 23 February, 2023, at Almaty Technological University, in Almaty.

The conference is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outstanding scientist-academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Kulazhanov Kuralbek Sadibayevich.

Academician K.S. Kulazhanov is the author of more than 580 scientific papers, including 5 monographs, 42 textbooks, and teaching aids for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the field of training process engineers of chemical, petrochemical, food, and light industry of Kazakhstan. Scientific achievements are confirmed by 71 copyright certificates and innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Eurasia, Europe, and the USA.

The scientific activity of Academician K.S. Kulazhanov is connected with the formation and development of fundamental and applied research in the field of chemical technology of catalytic synthesis of organic substances, the development of high-performance brake fluids that meet international standards, the creation of environmentally friendly food of a new generation using innovative nanotechnology, ion and laser technologies for complex processing of agricultural products.

Academician Kuralbek Sadibayevich made a significant contribution to the theory of organic synthesis and catalysis of reactions of directed conversion of poly- and bicyclic hydrocarbons, nitroaromatic, and aryl acetylene compounds. Scientific results on the catalytic synthesis of adamantane hydrocarbons have been widely recognized abroad.

Fundamental scientific research conducted by Kuralbek Sadibayevich has direct application in production. New high-performance brake fluids of the MK brand have been introduced for operation in all climatic zones, including the regions of the Far North. Under the leadership of K.S. Kulazhanov more than 70 new organic substances have been synthesized, 28 of which have passed state registration for the safety of biologically active substances. It has been established that the synthesized compounds have psychotropic, anti-inflammatory, hemolytic, antiviral, and analgesic activity. Due to the range of physiological properties, the synthesized compounds have found wide practical applications in medicine and the food industry. The result of the scientific research of K.S. Kulazhanov is the preparation of 7 doctors of sciences and 10 candidates of sciences.

Academician Kuralbek Sadibayevich pays special attention to Kazakhstan’s industrial, innovative, and strategic development. Under the leadership of K.S. Kulazhanov, ATU became the leading technical university in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Within the walls of the University, young people receive a decent higher engineering and technological education, which is in demand in all sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan.

In 2022, ATU entered the QS World University Ranking and took 561-570 place. In the QS ranking among universities in Asia, our university ranks 301-350 and 14th among universities in the Central Asian region. According to the QS Stars rating, the university was awarded a prestigious award – 4 stars, which corresponds to high international standards.

Scientists, specialists, government and public figures, representatives of business structures and mass media of the Republic of Kazakhstan, countries of the near and far abroad, as well as persons interested in the issues under consideration, are kindly invited to the Conference.

The main directions of the conference:

Section 1 – Modern aspects of the development of chemistry and chemical technology of new substances and materials;

Section 2 – Food chemistry: new approaches and current research;

Section 3 – Chemical Engineering and processes;

Section 4 – Nanochemistry and nanotechnology in the light industry;

Section 5 – Integration of science and economics of petrochemical, food, light, and hotel industries.


– presentation of the report;
– poster presentations.

A collection of conference materials will be released by the date of the conference. The collection will be assigned an international ISBN index.

Working languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English.


To submit reports, it is necessary to register electronically online on the official website of the conference The report is attached as a separate file to the completed registration form. The file name is the surname of the first author.

  1. Reports submitted in the form of MS Word (doc or docx) format files are accepted for publication.
  2. The volume of the report should not exceed 3 pages.
  3. The published reports consist of the following sequentially arranged elements (in this order they should be located in the author’s file with the text of the report):

– 1st line: the UDC index is indicated in the upper left corner. Font size – 14 pt., left alignment;

– 2nd line: title of the report (in the center of the line in capital letters in bold, 14 pt.);

– 3rd line: initials and surname(s) of the author(s), after the author’s surname, indicate the affiliation of the place of work in numbers (in the center in lowercase letters in bold italics separated by commas, 14 pt.);

– 4th line: name of the organization(s) (centered in lowercase letters in bold italics, 14 pt.);

– 5th line: e-mail (one or more), (centered in lowercase letters with underscores 14 pt.);

– 6th line: empty, 14 pt.;

– 7th line and further: from the red line the text of the article. The red line (indent) is 1 cm. Font 14 pt. The symbols and abbreviations found in the text should be disclosed at the first mention of them in the text.

  1. Alignment of text borders – in width, hyphenation is allowed. PDF and text files are NOT accepted. The font is Times New Roman.
  2. The reports may use references and a list of references; the text must necessarily contain references to the sources used (literature). References are indicated in square brackets ([n]).
  3. Tables should be located within the working field. The table name is aligned to the center of the page, the table number is aligned to the left edge of the page. Tables are numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text. Information presented in the form of diagrams and graphs should not be duplicated in the form of tables.
  4. It is recommended to use illustrations (drawings, diagrams, graphs, photographs), which are placed within the working field directly in the text of the report, based on the logic of the presentation, and numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text. The illustrations should be clear, and the inscriptions on them should correspond to the text. It is allowed to use drawings in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats. Each drawing must have at least one link in the text.
  5. Captions to figures should contain sufficiently complete information so that the data provided can be understood without reference to the text (if this information is not already given in another illustration).
  6. Abbreviations are deciphered in the captions if this was not previously done in the text.
  7. After the main text, the phrase “List of references” is indicated on a new line. On the next line is placed directly the list of used literature, designed according to GOST 7.0.5 – 2008.

The reports’ authors are fully responsible for the submitted materials’ originality, reliability, and completeness. The materials are published in the author’s edition and are not subject to change.

The deadline for submitting reports is until January 22, 2023 (inclusive). The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject reports issued in violation of the requirements that do not correspond to the topic of the conference or received after January 22, 2023.

The reports will be posted on the website

The expenses related to the arrival at the conference are covered by the participants.

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