Results of the competition “The Most Reading Department 2019”

In the framework of the project “New humanitarian knowledge 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language ”and in order to increase the status of reading books and using external and internal educational electronic resources of the scientific library, as well as to identify and promote the most reading department, the competition“ The Most Reading Department ”has been held for the second year now.

Following the results of the competition, the following departments were selected for I, II, and III places:

I place – department “Food Technology” (FPP) Cup “The Most Reading Department” + certificate for 10 000 tenge in the Meloman bookstore, was highly active in using the book resource, visiting the library website and filling out the Book Supply module, in activity visits to the “Days of the Department” (in addition to the teachers participating in doctoral students) and “Ask the Librarian”, the coordinator from the department, N.E. Zaritskaya, owes a great deal here;

II place – the department “Technology and Designing of Products and Goods” (FLPiD), here, in addition to the active use of resources, the department conducted an excursion and presentation on the resources of the National Bank for freshmen of the faculty (certificate for 10,000 tenge in the Meloman bookstore);

III place – the Department of Tourism and Service (FEiB (certificate for 5 000 tenge in the Meloman bookstore) – the active use of electronic resources and the maximum use of educational publications was associated with ASIIN international accreditation.