Session of educational and methodical association at ATU

On December 6, 2019, a meeting of the Educational and Methodological Association (EMA) was held in the areas of training with higher and postgraduate education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the Almaty Technological University.

At the plenary session, the first vice-rector of ATU, Professor Nurakhmetov B.K. with the agenda “On the transformation of the activities of the educational and methodological association into the format of a project management group (PMU)”. He spoke about the upcoming changes in the activities of UMO, the organization of educational processes, about new requirements for the content of education.

The main topic of the EMA meeting was the question of creating an academic network among the universities that are part of the educational-methodical association. Professor Medvedkov EB, a participant in the project “Modernization of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies” of the international program “Erasmus+”, highlighted this issue in his speeches.

As the speaker noted, the goal of creating an academic network is to exchange best practices in the field of innovative educational technologies and didactic models, train teachers in innovative pedagogy and curriculum development, adapt the education system to the digital generation, expand academic mobility, and also cooperation between universities and employers.

At the end of the presentation, discussion continued, after which the third speaker, acting Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Narxoz University, Associate Professor Skiba M.A. on the topic “Designing educational programs (Major-Minor).

During the meeting, EMA members reviewed and recommended textbooks and teaching aids for assigning the EMA neck in the areas of training higher and postgraduate education.

Also, sectional meetings were held in the areas of preparation 072 Manufacturing and manufacturing industries (Food production; Textiles: clothing, shoes and leather products) and 111 Services (Restaurant and hotel business).