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                                                                                         The main activities of the CIET are:

 — adaptation of the educational system to the digital generation through the active and effective use of innovative educational technologies based on ICT;

 – providing highly qualified educational services for additional educational programs, disseminating innovative pedagogical experience based on the use of modern pedagogical and ICT in the educational process;

 – ensuring the position of ATU in the national, European and world educational space.

 — creation and periodic updating of the database, the CIET catalog;

 — maintaining the platform of innovative educational technologies in working order;

 — authorization of access to digital educational resources, massive open online courses, electronic courses;

 — provision of information and methodological support;

 – organization of courses and seminars to support the innovative direction of the professional and personal development of teaching staff, undergraduates and students of ATU JSC;

 – systematization of innovative pedagogical experience, development of new approaches in the implementation of the tasks of pedagogical theory and practice, taking into account the development trends of the educational space;


 – translation of innovative experience into the practice of the region: organization of courses, seminars, trainings, round tables, etc. according to the needs of subjects of the educational services market.

 – to contribute to the equipment of lecture halls, and later, laboratories, interactive presentation systems and laptops.